Libra is the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac and they are the people with full energy, unbeatable charm and wit. These man are not only very intelligent but also they are full of humour, confidence and high energy levels. So, to attract a Libra man you have to not only match his energy levels but you also have to match his wit and thinking levels. Letting him know what you feel is the first thing you need to do to make him notice you. He will find you interesting and may even ask you to date to see if you are worth his love. You should also be knowledgeable as Libra Men are easily swayed by brainy women.

Just remember to give him some space for himself, in other words, make him miss you. Keep yourself interesting and never be intimidated by his strong personality. Be open-minded always and never dare to make him jealous. He might leave you instantly even before you realize. Looks does matter too a Libra man but that does not mean she will go for a dumb girl. Never be aggressive, rude or loud-mouthed if you want to attract a Libran male.

artistic-libra Most men born under the star sign of Libra hate arguments and find ‘heavy’ emotions hard to deal with. Also be a good conversationalist. Demonstrating that you can talk intelligently and amusingly on a variety of subjects is an excellent way to attract a Libra guy’s interest and make him want to spend time with you and last but not the least, along with having brains and wit if you are sensual and dress well in a sensual way, you can definitely attract a Libra man in a very short time. So for attracting a Libra man you have to be a girl who can be beauty with brains, humourous, good listener and a extremely good conversationalist.




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