Sagittarius which is the ninth astrological sign in the zodiac are people who are tough to conquer and are as complex as females when it comes to the little things they look for in heir dream partner. So to attract a Sagittarius man get ready for some serious hard work. One of the very first things you should do in order to attract him is to appear confident as they are super confident people who find under confident people to be less attractive. Another tip for the girls can be not to express their feelings quickly, in fact they should make them feel guessing. Since they are confident and self-dependant people, even you can appear to be an independent woman who can take her of herself. This quality of yours will attract him a lot.

SagittariusNaturally, Sagittarius persons, especially men, don’t like to be proven wrong, it makes them feel stupid and like they to be what they are. so, instead, make them feel good about themselves. They also compliments from the opposite sex when someone tells them good things about their appearance, body or sensuality. Try to stand out from other women. Be elegant. Be unique. especially elegant, because it makes you look confident and independent. If intelligence isn’t your forte, at least try improving your conversational skills because these man like woman who can talk good unlike the normal bimbos and the most important tip for a woman to avoid sagittarius man from getting turned off is to never ever talk about other guys in front of them. When you know he has developed a romantic interest in you, go for the kill. Start being flirty around him. Show him your feelings and let him make the first move. It will take him some time but if you appear in his eyes as a confident, smart, elegant, independent and mature woman, he will fall in love with you.





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