Virgo woman are not only confident, loyal and honest but they are also a woman of substance. Virgo woman tends to be quite shy and passive, you will be waiting forever if you hold back until she initiates to make the first move..At the same time, however, you have to be quite subtle and low-key in your seduction or attraction tactics. A clever way of attracting this girl’s interest without causing her to feel threatened is to ask her for practical advice or assistance. Down to earth and logically minded, Virgo women love fixing things and find it hard to refuse a cry for help. Best hold your pace and excitement when trying to attract a Virgo woman.

The Virgo woman is a perfectionist, so to attract her you will need to appear as perfect as possible. You have to make a big effort to be clean, tidy and well presented. Many Virgo girls are neat freaks and will be turned off instantly if you’re grubby, dishevelled or disorganized. Smart, well groomed and healthy is the look Virgo woman is always looking for, and be sure to pay special attention to your nails, hair and shoes. Virgo women have an all-seeing eye for detail that will pick up on every single little flaw in your appearance and note it down against you.

VirgoThe Virgo woman is particularly impressed by good manners and social etiquettes, so always by punctual and don’t forget little touches like holding doors open for her and making sure she’s seated before you sit down. The other things she highly appreciates in a man is his commonsense, humour and no chessiness while talking. So all in all you have to be patient, calm, confident, dapper, clean, tidy, good mannered and sophisticated to make a Virgo woman yours.


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