Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo relationship means clash of the two big egos. Two Leos share same characteristics and thus their opinions and personalities might match with one another. They may also share same interests but problems can arrive when it comes to leading their relationship. They may also fight for credits.

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Leo personality:

Leo is one of the strongest and dominating zodiac signs of all. They show lots of courage to accept any challenges in their life. They are born with good leadership traits. They are kind and social people who love to be in touch with people. They would serve people and get words of appreciation from them. Such appreciation enhances their ego. Leo people are innovative and they like to create or construct things. They are live, fun loving people and like to go on travelling. They seek royal lifestyle and comfortable life. They are also lazy but once they start their work, they only stop when they are finished. They are generally successful and rich but if not they will work hard to achieve those things. Leo people are good in decision making. They would not like anyone disapproving to their decisions and this simply means calling for danger. Leo people are very short tempered and impulsive. Interestingly, they also forgive people immediately as they are kind naturally. Due to their habit of living royal life they tend to spend lots of money on their living. They are passionate lovers and provide security and stability to their family members. They also have habit of gifting expensive things to their loved ones. Leo people are good in communicating with other people. They have charisma, arrogance and proud nature that attract all the people around them.

Leo and Leo relationship:

When Leo and Leo come together, one can see the affection and passion they possess for one another. They both walk together with elegance and charismatic personality that attracts all the onlookers. Their royalty can be seen through their every action. They both like taking words of appreciation from people. They may get angry if anyone disrespects them. Leo and Leo have occasional fights with one another but they are so passionate about each other that they again come together and start their journey. They both are keen to achieve success with strong determination power. Though, they never back down Leo has tendency to make necessary compromises if they can achieve their goals with it. If they are working on same task then they may have disputes regarding who will take the credits for their success.

Leo and Leo relationship can be lived successfully only when both of them are living their independent lives. This is because they will try to lead people wherever they go and there can’t be two leaders leading the same people. They will have to learn when to try to lead or when to draw back.

Leo and Leo can make either best friends or worst enemies. If they are friends or siblings then they may have affection for one another but at the same time they look at each other as competitors. They both have desires to be the winner and get more praise than another. Still they will maintain the helpful nature towards each other. As relatives they will share many things common. They will make successful business if have common goals to achieve. Leo and Leo lovers can have honest and loving relationship with one another. Leo and Leo can make compassionate parents. As they have innovative nature, they will be curious to watch after their children. They will make them well disciplined person.

Leo and Leo

When two Leo people come together, there can be great union as well as battle for dominance. Problems can arrive when they both will seek admiration from each other. They both are of firm nature; they will want other one to take their opinion and work according to it. If their decision mismatches with each other then they will make the situation worst.

Leo and Leo 

both should keep their egos away and try to take it patiently. They both know each other well thus they won’t have any problems in being together. They both should try to share the success and praise evenly. They can give so much love to each other which is rarely seen in any other couples.

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