Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius both share same amount of enthusiasm for each other in all the relationships they share. They may have initial sparks between them but as relationship proceeds Sagittarius may show lack of interest for Leo. This can hurt the faithful heart of Leo.

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Leo personality:

Leo people are kind, friendly and curious in nature. They like to help people and solve their problems. They are loyal to their family and beloved people. Leo people are active and energetic. People like being around Leo people due to their fun loving nature while Leo people like being the center of attraction. Leo people are blessed with leading qualities and they know how to use them. Thus they can’t withstand any other dominating person. They are of lazy nature and like to have lavish life style. They are proud of their powers and can become harsh on others sometimes. If you want to win them then you will have to praise them.

Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are outgoing and friendly in nature. They are always optimistic and energetic thus people like being in their companionship. They are simple and honest people who like to hang out with other people and most of the time different people. They are straight in nature thus they directly show your negative or positive point. They usually lack smartness and get cheated by others. They like adventures and often go out in search of one. They like challenges and taking risks. They hate being idle. They are imaginative and talkative thus they can entertain people easily. They often follow their moody nature thus it is unpredictable how they will behave in next minute.

Leo and Sagittarius relationship:

Leo and Sagittarius both share their common need of being independent. They both are active and energetic thus they can enjoy happy moments with each other. Though Leo is of dominating and rigid nature, still Leo and Sagittarius manage to live in peace. This is because they both live their own independent life. They both are attention seekers and they usually get it from their followers. They both learn to avoid criticizing one another after their initial clashes. They may like to chase common goal together. They both cheer for each other and keep themselves entertained.  Though, they still can have some quarrels between them due to straight and frank nature of Sagittarius. Leo does not show any signs of changing their opinion and then Sagittarius has to change his mind to follow Leo. Leo is proud person while Sagittarius is simple in nature thus he don’t mind following Leo.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius hardly have any dull moments in their relationships. If they are siblings, family members or friends then they will share lot of affection towards each other. They may neglect minor differences between them and have fun together. They both would also enjoy lavish life together. Is Sagittarius can show reliability then Leo can make good business with them. They can have great love relationship as far as they show respect for each other. As a parents Leo will be strict towards their child while Sagittarius will be caring and friendly towards them.

There can be some dissimilarity in

Leo and Sagittarius 

relationship which can be taken as positive or negative. Sagittarius people are clear in mind while pointing out mistakes of Leo. This can be bad from the point of view of Leo but actually such sharp comments can only stop arrogance of Leo. Sagittarius lack consistency and loyalty thus this can create problems in Leo and Sagittarius relationship. Leo who always wants to take lead can show their managerial skills here and get their work done from Sagittarius. Sagittarius can also learn lot of things under the leadership ship of Leo people.

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