Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio relationship is a combination of two strong and stable individuals. They both are passionate and honest lovers. Together they can achieve anything they want but this is not possible due to authority problems between those two. They both are rigid and can give good competition to each other. There can be frequent conflicts or distrust in this relationship.

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Leo personality:

Leo people like dominating others; it comes natural to them. They make firm decisions and act on it with their creative minds. They are also strong willed people to complete every task with success. They always prefer to work alone because they won’t have to take orders from others. They like to give orders to others. Sometimes they may also expect appreciations from other people on their decisions. They would never take disapproval from anyone. They can turn very angry in such situations. They have good managing skills with which they can become good leader. They blindly accept praises from people and often fail to recognize their purpose behind it. People can make misuse of Leo’s power.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are determinant and intelligent in nature. They have tolerance to live under any circumstances. Scorpio people have high ambitions in life and they want to be successful person one day. To achieve their goals, Scorpio people can become selfish sometimes. They may not even like to mix with people. They may become secretive sometimes. They don’t like to share things with others but are analytical in nature. Scorpio people are curious to observe things. They want to learn everything which can get them huge success.  They are calm looking person but beneath, there are many thoughts ready to play mind games. They do not get angry easily but if they do then there is no one as cruel as them. They admire people who are worth it.

Leo and Scorpio relationship:

Leo people always need words of appreciation from other. It boosts their confidence. Though Scorpio people are dominating they never care for such things. They will not even get it from egotistic Leo person. Scorpio people would like to dominate over Leo but they like the cheerful nature of Leo and do not go after it. They may also pay good attention to Leo person so that they can keep them happy. There can be some hidden agendas as Scorpios are famous for it. If they give attention to Leo then Leo should also show softness towards them otherwise Scorpio can show immense fury to Leo people. Leo might be furious in nature but they can be easily calmed down. Scorpio people calm down only after taking their revenge.

In Leo and Scorpio relationship, there can be initial pull on both sides due to their similarities but problems can arrive when they start competing for dominance. They both would try their own ideas to defeat other one. Leo would start arguing with them while Scorpio will neglect and would relapse in their own secretive nature. Leo should be careful while dealing with Scorpio as they can attack anytime. If Scorpio can’t find any solution to their arguments then they will simply go away from it.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio can never have easy relationship. As friends, sibling or family members they can have normal relationship but they would have competition for taking charge on each other. They may have frequent disputes between them. This type of relationship can be experienced between parent-child. If they are in committed relationship then they would need to have tolerance for each other otherwise this relationship can end right away. They can’t work together unless they have common agendas.

Leo and Scorpio 

Leo and Scorpio both are too rigid to have same opinions. Scorpio hates Leo’s dominance while Leo hates Scorpio’s nature of being possessive. There is always problem with who leads their relationship. Leo and Scorpio will have to adjust with their partner’s characteristics as they both are persistent on their own characteristics. If they can see positive skills of each other and neglect the conflicts then they can have good bond with each other.


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