Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo both show much different characteristics.  Virgo‘s way of treating the world is just opposite to what Leo has. They will have to put lots of efforts to maintain this relationship. Only one positive thing about this relationship will be that Virgo will never mind Leo bossing around them. If they can show enough patience for one another then they both can have good relationship ahead.

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Leo personality:

Leo people are royal, proud and nice human being. They have strong physique and need to control others.  They have high self-esteem and thus they want to win at any cost. They are also stable minded thus they make solid opinions. They would give their best to prove their metal. They will want others to respect their opinion or otherwise they can also lose their temper. They want to show others that they don’t just brag but have courage to do it. They also like to meet people and have a talk with them. They generally do it to get attention from people. They like serving people with their innovative mind. .

Virgo personality:

Virgo people are intelligent, simple but highly realistic in nature. They seek perfection and accuracy in life because they are capable of doing things accurately. They are ambitious and make small planning before doing anything. They live independent life but they will appear differently in front of their families or loved ones. They share kindness and politeness for their beloved. They like to spend time in learning or researching. They may not succeed in sustaining relationship; though they can have friendly relationship with few people. They may become lonely due to their nature of criticizing others. They are straight while pointing out mistakes as even minor things are also big deal for them.

Leo and Virgo relationship:

Leo and Virgo both can have peaceful relationship as Leo will lead the Virgo and Virgo will be ready to follow him. Leo likes the obedient nature of Virgo and may also expect more from them. Virgo also likes the way in which Leo manages all of his works. Their innovative nature fascinates Virgo people. Virgo becomes the obsessive with their lovers and Leo shows the loyalty to Virgo.

Leo is independent in nature and likes the Virgo’s precision in their work. As Leo is more of demanding rather than being giving, they fail to appreciate Virgo people. If this keeps happening then calm looking Virgo may show their critical nature by simply speaking out their mind. Leo who is so proud of his dominance will not tolerate this. Such interactions between them can affect their relationship harshly. If they can ignore their differences then they may have satisfying relationship. Leo can provide the necessary security and affection to Virgo while Virgo can give them attention they seek for.

Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo may show bond of boss and employee in every relationship they share between them. As siblings or friends, Leo makes decisions and Virgo follow it. They can share good manager- worker relationship. If they are co-workers then this may create competition between them as both want to get praised for their deeds. In order to have romantic relationship, they both will need patience to deal with each other.  Leo and Virgo can make good parents with Leo person in controlling while Virgo person in caring role.

Leo and Virgo 

relationship will always see something going wrong between them. Leo doesn’t get the attention required from Virgo so they go out to find others who will pay attention to them. Virgo people don’t like Leo’s demanding nature at all. Leo people may feel hurt if not received enough love and praise from Virgo. If Leo and Virgo both can give chance to one another to understand their nature then this relationship can work effectively. Virgo should not neglect the Leo’s dominating nature and provide them with enough attention. When Leo will learn about your dedication to them, they will shower you with many rich and expensive gifts.


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  1. Jezele Atkins says:

    Well i’m a virgo and being in a relationship with a leo for
    five year’s on and off. It’s like we get together and we miss understand each other than we breake up.. And turn around and miss one another it just very confussinf and now we have a five month old baby girl. And it like it’s getting worst like we can’t trust one another!

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