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Leo and Aquarius are the two most compatible sun signs in the zodiac as far as friendship is concerned. Even though they have many different character traits, but each of their trait complements each other and this helps them to create a much better friendship. They also share a great degree of understanding and communication. As a result, they also read each other’s mind very easily and hardly enter into a fight or any arguments. Even if the differences arise, they tend to resolve it quickly. Leo friends are spontaneous and dynamic people while Aquarius people are ambitious and passionate. This quality of theirs makes an interesting combination which can go a long way. Leo can bring fun and excitement while Aquarius can bring adventure and flexibility in their friendship. Leo would always push Aquarius to take things lightly and also have some fun in life while Aquarius may push Leo to be more ambitious and passionate towards everything in life. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The Sun provides life and energy to the partnership while Uranus symbolizes innovation and inventiveness. Aquarius gets their novel ideas from the influence of this planet. Saturn symbolizes diligence and its influence ensures that any project started by the friends is pursued until completion. However, the most interesting element about a friendship between a Leo and an Aquarius is that their relationship is filled with action and excitement. Neither of the friends likes to remain idle and the partnership has the talent and creativity to invent new ideas and put them into implementation. Their friendship represents an exciting combination of innovation and activity.



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