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When two like-minded people come together, it is but natural for them to bond nicely and share a great camaraderie. Similar is the case with Leo, their friendship is always full of fun, excitement and understanding. Since Leo friends have many similar character traits, they also understand each other quite well. It is because of this they hardly ever fight or argue, and even if they argue they resolve it very quickly. A friendship between two Leo friends is a combination of two very strong, bubbly and cheerful spirits. It might be surprising how two bold, vivacious and stubborn people could create a meaningful relationship when the slightest sign of offence could hurt or offend their proud minds. The combination is so dynamic, energetic and envious that it couldn’t be missed by others in the surroundings. Their partnership always takes the lead, influence others and even lead them in a group. Leo will never even try to conceal their mutual admiration and appreciation from each other. In fact they will not only appreciate or admire but also honestly criticize and argue at the same time if the friend is doing something wrong or has any flaw. A partnership between two Leo friends is filled with amazing passion and adventure. But as both signs desire to dominate and co-operate giving in to anyone, even each other, their bonding would be well and truly tested. Win or lose, Leo always does it in their affluent and stylish way and the friendship often keeps developing from one extreme to the other. Their friendship definitely develops with time and becomes worth envy for others.



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