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Leo and Scorpio are two very different sun-signs in the zodiac. Their likes and dislikes and approach towards their life are very different. But as opposites attract each other, Leo and Scorpio can also be great friends. Leo people are out-going and dynamic personalities while scorpions need some time to open up. They are also a little secretive and reserved till they open up. Leo may bring energy and life to their friendship while Scorpio may bring flexibility and stability in their friendship. A relationship between a Leo and a Scorpio is an active and powerful combination between two people who comprehend each other very well. Leo admires and lusts to be admired and idolized and Scorpio loves and always desires to beget appreciated as well. The star signs form a very envious and emotional bonding with either partner appreciating and supporting the other. Leo always desires for luxurious things and wealth and they love to lead and control life in an extravagant and high manner. They are always oozing with lots of power and energy and colourful. Scorpio just loves and admires this nature of Leo and would assist and back them in every way, as long as Leo does not consider themselves superior than their partner. Leo shows the same kind of power and energy. Mars represents war and recklessness of character and this makes them quite stubborn while Pluto brings to the plate a tinge mystery, adventure and reticence to Scorpio. The influence and supportive nature of Pluto makes Scorpio revaluates and reconsiders regeneration an important topic in their lives. The bonding is totally filled with passion with masculine energy and is in general a very exciting and meaningful combination.

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