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Leo as Siblings

Leo siblings are very warm, humble and caring but at the same time they will be very secretive and mysterious by nature which their siblings could not understand. Leo siblings are very practical and open minded and even while they would be the younger ones don’t be surprised if they find have you making out with your college girl in the bedroom or having drinks with your friends and still not complain your parents.

They are very cool in that manner and their siblings would appreciate the fact that they are cool at such a small age. But at the same time they will also expect the same amount of space and freedom from their siblings and if they dont get it, than it could spell some trouble for their brothers or sisters. Elder Leo siblings are also foud to have a very sweet spot for their sisters and they would bear any tantrums thrown by them as they have a soft corner and they love them a lot. The elder Leo’s will always try to bring a smile on their younger ones face by showering them with aither their love and attention or gifts.Elder Leo siblings also know when to gove their younger ones the space and when to give them advise and guide them if they are found doing something wrong.

They are very undertsanding by nature and would never let them feel troubled or dominated by their presense, But at the same time the younger Leo siblings are totally different and they would do anything to gain the spotlight on them and they would snatch and fight for things from their elder siblings. The younger leo’s do have a sibling rivalry and is infact quite common among these siblings. They are also very expressive by nature and they would not hide anything in their heart and would prefer saying it.


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