Leo Horoscope 2012


Hello Leo friends, Leo horoscope 2012 states that this year is good for your work and business. You will get quick success in your business or praise at work. If already have a business then Year 2012 – 2013 will be prosperous for you. Of course this will boost your self confidence which is much needed for you. You like drama and art, and this year will bring good news for you. You will get a chance to show your talent. You will be in the centre of attraction till the month of June. This is all possible because Jupiter has influence on your career, studies and popularity. But after June it will concentrate on friendship, fun, hobbies and outdoor activities.

In this coming year you will meet lot of new people. You like being with people who cherish your company but due to some reason you couldn’t meet them. According to Leo horoscope 2012, those people would like to see you again. You will find back you’re lost charm and cheerful personality. You will have good time with newly made friends. You can enjoy your social life until the month of October.

Leo Horoscope 2012

From October onwards you will have to carry more responsibilities of your family. This may be the indications from cosmos that it is now time to concentrate on your relationships and time that you have spent in socializing is enough. You will need lot of energy and optimism to run after things but you also have Uranus ready to help you throughout this year. It will source of energy and refreshment for you. You will see peace and understanding between your relationships is increased. Try to let go things as they are and give others some time to adjust with you. You like to take control but such a behavior at early stage of any relationship can be harsh on your partner. You also need to control your suspiciousness.

Leo horoscope 2012 also says a lot about your romantic relationship. Those who are already in committed relationship will be benefitted with better understanding from their partner. Your initial stage of relationship may not be as exciting as you wanted but now you may hope to get better results. Those who are single and are looking for romantic relationship can find a partner around the month of March. It will also enhance your social life. Some of you can also find a mate through your mutual friends during later part of the year. Another possibility is that you may find your lover in one of your friends. May and June is good time to meet your old pals back. They may bring some troubles but you can handle them properly.

First half of year 2012 is good time to earn money for you. This can be life changing time for you.




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  1. I dont regret being a leo. But i think i need some adjustment in possesive nature

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