Libra and Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius both often find themselves matching well with each other. They both may share same amount of excitement and optimism. They both will also keep good communication going on between them. Problem may arise when Sagittarius shows the outgoing nature and unwillingness to commit.

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Libra Personality:

Libra people are friendly and talkative in nature. They are also romantic and cheerful in nature which attracts people from around. Libra people would love to have control on other people. They have intelligent mind and good logic thus people often ask for their advices. Libra people are adaptive in nature thus they can adjust with other people easily. They have good communication skills combined with clever mind which allows them to talk on almost any subject. They are also good in arguing with people. They can add multiple topics to original topic of argument. They will show positive and stable attitude as long as there is no controversy. Once they feel that things are not going their way they start being confused and worried. A positive Libra can become very enthusiastic and firm person.

Sagittarius Personality:

Sagittarius people like having easy life with frequent outdoor activities. They are fun loving and energetic people. Sagittarius people are honest in nature but sometimes they may speak too frankly. They may not even realize how much it can affect other people. They are not one to stick to the same things or work or even partner. They like having varieties in their life. Change keeps them excited otherwise they can get bored easily. They will need fun loving person as their partner in order to stay loyal. Sagittarius people may like to be independent and make their own plans. They are good in decision making and just know how to complete their work. They are intelligent, quick witted and sometimes lucky too. They always show positive attitude towards life. They may show moody nature sometimes.

Libra and Sagittarius relationship:

Talkative nature holds Libra and Sagittarius together. They both can talk for long hours on same topic. They both have clever mind and attractive personality, which helps them to keep excitement in their relationship. They both like to argue. Libra people can talk on both side of the subject, hoping to either win the argument or balance it. This is not the same with Sagittarius; they speak up their mind whether it is correct or not. Libra people always manage to maintain the balance with their jolly nature.

Libra and Sagittarius get along well with each other. Libra people are comparatively more stable than Sagittarius and they try to keep them calm and steady. Sagittarius can also help Libra in decision making as they are more firm in nature than Libra. They can have good relationship as long as it doesn’t create problems for their independence. They both would like to control other one but most of the times Libra people take over Sagittarius.

Libra and Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius can have happy bonding in any type of relationship. As siblings or friends they will always take part in social activities. They will always have fun in each other’s company. If they are relatives or co-workers then they may have many things to discuss about. Libra will enjoy going outdoors with Sagittarius. Libra and Sagittarius are also good for romantic relationship and marriage but they may have sad moments due to harsh nature of Sagittarius. As they both are enthusiastic in nature they will have good parent-child relationship. As child they may have lot to learn from their parent. They may fail as business partners as they both lack stability. At least one of them should be certain of their goals in order to make it successful. They both are intelligent but need to calm down their mind to think positively.

There can be some minor problems in

Libra and Sagittarius

relationship.Libra people want to settle down quickly but Sagittarius may show uncertainty to commitment. Sagittarius people would like to spend time with new people thus they never stay committed. Such tendency can make Libra people possessive about them. Libra people are dreaming about their future together but Sagittarius are more interested in living their present to the fullest. Libra will have to keep Sagittarius person interested with their intellectual mind and positive energy. If they can succeed in doing this, they can really have amazing life together. Libra and Sagittarius can achieve every milestone with proper support from each other.

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