Libra and Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio both can live together in harmony as they both seek loyalty. They both are passionate about love. They both show enough respect to each other. They both will show excitement to know understand one another.


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Libra personality:

Libra people are good in logic and this always helps them in their daily life. Since they are good in reasoning and logic they can always help people solving their doubts. They would prefer to have freedom of living their life as they tend to live their life adapting to others. They always study before making any decisions. They will only act if there is no confusion in their mind. Unfortunately, they tend to get confused pretty easily thus they rarely get into any action. They will need strong support in order to complete their dreams. Libra people are good in communication. They like to take part in debate and win it. Since they have good intellectual abilities, they can talk on both side of the topic. They will always have friendly arguments. Serious arguments can hurt other people thus they tend to avoid them.

Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are of mysterious type. They look simple and calm from outside but their brain is continuously working inside. They have ambitious nature and strong will power to achieve their goals. They set difficult targets but well structured plans to achieve them. They are so eager to become successful that they mold themselves for extreme conditions. They usually prefer to live lonely life but would like the company of intelligent person. They like honest people and one who cheats with them will have to pay for it someday. Scorpio neither forgets nor forgives their enemies. They are aggressive lovers. They have sensitive heart which can get hurt easily. Thus never break their hearts.

Libra and Scorpio relationship:

Libra and Scorpio may have initial attraction for each other. Scorpio finds Libra gentle and caring. They understand that Libra people need good support without which they will always remain uncertain about their qualities. Libra people are good in sweet talking and can manipulate anyone but in this case Scorpio people are master mind of them all. They never fall for such tricks. Sometimes Scorpio may also use such tricks to get their job done. Scorpio like controlling things around, they may also brag about it sometimes. Libra people are simple they don’t like such things; they may feel annoying by such behavior. Scorpio may feel that Libra people are too imaginative to match with them. They also find them lazy. Scorpio people are well determined to complete their job while Libra tends to put effort as long as they are in right mood.

Libra and Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio can have some good relationship among them. They always share good reputation and respect in every bond they create. They make good friends and enjoy each other’s company. As siblings they will cheer for each other. If they are family members or relatives then they may have formal relationship with one another but when they come together they may change in to cool old buddies. Libra and Scorpio have good chance of being successful romantic pair as they both show loyalty and love to each other. They will also share good parent-child relationship. Being business partners also suits them as they both are intelligent enough to make money.

Libra and Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio both can bring problems in their relationship. Scorpio’s controlling nature can hurt Libra people while Libra people can also hurt Scorpio people with their tendency to indulge in unnecessary debates. Whenever Scorpio feels that Libra can’t play his role well, Libra shows up their true potential to do well. They may face several problems in their relationship but can also come together quickly with their kind and caring nature. Scorpio people show keen interest in innovative act of Libra person. They will not forget to admire Libra people. Such understanding maintains good balance in Libra and Scorpio relationship.

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