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The heavenly combinations make these friends very compatible for each other. Libra and Aquarius can turn out to be very good friends because there are many factors which compliments each other. Their friendship is totally based on affection, trust and loyalty. A bonding between a Libra and an Aquarius reveals the creativity and adventurous pursuits of both thesigns. Libra and Aquarius adore sensuality and art and they don’t like being stopped in any way. The bonding is usually an interesting one. Both the friends admire to gain knowledge: Libra by watching and verifying everything and Aquarius by learning through their experiences in life. Both the friends could learn a lot from each other, what they would not learn on their own. As a result not only they can be good friends but they can also be great colleagues and business partners. Libra and Aquarius share a lot of chemistry and communication. The more they spend time with each other, the more similar aims they create for themselves. Libra wants space to explore its intellectuality and considers all the sides of a situation; they can often come to know Aquarius’ reasons for their decisions while Aquarius strives for freedom of creativity and adventurous pursuits. Libra can balance their emotions and thoughts and polish the creativity and plans of Aquarius while Aquarius can assist Libra to be more consistent and practical. Since Aquarius is also far more composed and practical by nature, they will always push Libra the fruits of patience, hard work and consistency. Libra may bring fun and thrill into the life of Aquarius and inspire him to be energetic and enjoy the things in life as they come.The joint creativity of the two signs and Libra’s sheer desire for peace and composure make way for a fruitful and a loyal bonding between Libra and Aquarius. Their friendship can be very long lasting and loyal as and when they get acquainted with each other over the time.



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