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When two bombs explode together it definitely creates a serious explosion. Much similar is the case with two Librans being friends. Libra people are known to be energetic, charming and enthusiastic. Hence, when two Libras collide there is definitely some fun waiting for them. Libra is far more intellectual in nature and love interacting with other people. Libra has energetic, cheerful and dynamic personality with an innate desire and liking for loyalty and justice. Both the friends feel happy and comfortable with each other and their misunderstandings and arguments are solved in polite and amicable way. There will always be lots of fun and humor in their friendship and even lots of friendly banter, pranks and fun due to the bubbly and energetic nature of both the friends. However due to similar character traits, sometimes they may find it tough to understand each other’s problems and could lead to serious miscommunication and misunderstanding. A friendship between two Libra friends is symbolized by justice, trust and composure. Libra strives for peace and comfort and this is noticeable in their bonding as well as other facets of their respective lives. They hate injustice and similarly work as a team against it, thus making them appreciative for each other, as well as to everyone in their surroundings. Due to their creativity levels also being the same, they can also be good colleagues and business partners. They can easily share great ideas and be on the same page and also successfully implement it. Libra forms pleasant relationship, appreciating and admiring. Their friendship develops over the time and soon they realize they have many things in common which they never thought of. They will always be loyal to each other and always be standing for their friend in the most difficult times.

Libra Personalities:

 Libra Man

 Libra Woman

Libra Role:

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Libra as sibling

Libra man in bed

Libra woman in bed

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