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Libra as a sibling

Libra is a sun sign who are born charismatic and energetic, they are cute and charming at the same time, so you are bound to have lots of fun with your Libra brother or sister. Libra siblings are quite similar to Aries siblings when it comes to having fun with them. You will enjoy every moment growing up with a Libra brother or a sister. These are the kind of siblings who will argue and fight a lot with their siblings not because they are right or they want to express something but only because they have fun doing so.

They cherish the siblinghood which they have and with these siblings you are bound to make a great team. They will find the weirdest reasons to just argue or debate with their siblings because they not only like that but it is also their way of showing love towards their sibllings. No dount they are fun to be with but they are also those types pf sibling who will open up your wardrobe and wear your clothes without even asking you. But thats because they thing it belongs to them and they fell they have a right to do so because of their blood relations.

They are not as competitive as  Aries or Taurus but that doesnt mean they are totally off it. If they dont get what they want or if they find out that their sibling is getting more attention and love than what he gets than be ready to see Libra siblings thrwoing tantrums on their parents and their brothers and sisters. They are also very exciting and charismatic by nature so you can also have a great party or a bash with your Libra sibling, infact the elder Libra siblings are found to be very generous and responsible towards their younger siblings.


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