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Libra as mother

Libra mothers are those type of mothers who wants to be considered as the ultimate mom, she wants to be best at her parenting skills even if it means they have to be strict in their parenting.  The Libra mothers are totally different from Libra Fathers because one parent has to be strict and disciplined if other is too lenient. Libra mothers are doting mothers for whom their child is the sole purpose they live their life. For them, it is all about raising and developing them and trying to inculcate the best values and principles so that they become better human beings in their life. They are very concerned mothers who will always run behind their child, so that they are well fed and healthy. They are also very concerned about their education and academic progress. They will always encourage their child to join extra-curricular activities and always be a step ahead than other children. They feel extremely happy when their child outperforms. They are strict from outside but just like a Libra father, they are extremely soft and sensitive parents from inside. They are probably the best role models for their children because they lead with example and not just preach their children. They are probably hard working and even if they are a working parent they will take their time out and arrange their schedule for their children because their family and child is their first priority. No doubt, for them rules are rules and their children must strictly adhere to it. They will be very stern if they find their children disobeying their mom. They are the typical strict mothers which we see and we are afraid of, but all in all they are quite tender from inside and they always wish the best for their children.

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