Libra Man


Libra man is caring and impartial person. He never judges people and accepts them as they are. He likes giving advice to other people. Though he is able to suggest other people he is not good in decision making. He tends to show duality in his nature. he often tries to avoid any fights and is ready for settlement. Libra man likes to keep people happy and he can easily change your sorrows in to smiles.

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Libra Man

Libra man has good looks and charm to woo any woman. He can be irresistible sometimes. Libra man can be flirtatious. He can easily impress a girl but he often fails to take it further. He is often in search of a perfect girl for him. If he succeeds then believe me he is never short of romance. He has his own way to convince a girl and they can’t resist him. He often takes too much time to distinguish between love and friendship. He can be severely hurt if his relation doesn’t work but he also forgets it moves on to the life.

Libra man has keen interest in knowing about everything. He will discuss it deeply just for his own satisfaction. Libra man can easily detect your problem and would solve it without telling you. He is good in judging what is right. He never allows his emotions to overcome his decisions. He will not care if you are wrong and shows fairness while giving his decision.

Libra man likes to stay at home and take rest rather than going out mixing in a strange crowd. He doesn’t like too many people surrounded by him. Libra man likes to spend money and precious time with his loved ones. He likes cleanliness in his home. As a father he becomes more affectionate towards children. He teaches them discipline and ability to judge. He will keep romance in a relation even after becoming a father.

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