Libra Woman


Libra woman is very attractive and has looks to kill. She is charming and graceful woman. She is influential and often has lots of people supporting her. She is social woman and likes to make new friends. Libra woman knows how to prove her point in front of other people and has ability to handle big crowd at a time. She shows balance in whatever she speaks. She has ability to prove her point without hurting you. Libra woman will listen to your query and will give you fair answer on it.

Libra Woman

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Libra Woman

She likes to have dominance over people, especially in her relationship. She would respect you and your feelings. Libra woman tends to take advice from her husband if she is not sure of her own. Libra woman would take ideas from her husband and give him results. She would also guide her husband in his life too. Libra woman is romantic and lovely person. She will be loyal to you and will never give a chance to suspect her. She will express her feelings and love for you at regular interval. Libra woman would also keep faith in you but if you break her trust, than you will surely lose a beautiful woman from your life.

Though she is a woman, she can provide feel of security and safety to her husband. She is strong person mentally and physically. She will stand for her husband and encourage him to proceed in his life. Libra woman is good with her children and she will make them obedient and disciplined. She will also keep children in her control. She likes cleanliness so your house would never look like a dumping zone. Libra woman can show duality in her behavior but she will not change her personality like that.




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6 Responses to “Libra Woman”

  1. Trust is one of my best policy in life

  2. Linda Everett says:

    Your so right about the Libra Woman. And being a Libra woman, I understand why I’ve done things in the past and now doing them in the present. I do love my husband, even though our lives hasn’t been a bed of roses. And there sure has been a lot of bumps in the road to. I’ve met and had some really good friends on my journey in life. Sadley to say, I’ve lost some friends along the way. And my children , grandchildre. I love them with all of my heart and soul. My brothers and sisters means a lot to me to. Love them eventhough we don’t get to see each other. And my cousisn, some are like sisters to me ever since I was a baby. And just love my all of my cousins. Because our families visited each other. And yes Libra loves people and they do want to help who ever they can. Libra can always get into a mess, but usually get out of one to……

  3. I agree whole heartly on trust.If you break my trust I will be gone like the wind. No amount of begging crying or pleading will bring me back.

  4. wow.. thats’s me all the way!! 🙂

  5. This is all me and who I am. I own ever bit of of being a libra I see it as a blessing a gift I use my kids describe me as a hippy. True proud of that not a thing wrong that description. I find it a complement. I tell my son it’s a gift god me and I use that gift as god intended me to. I do love ppl I find you can learn something from anybody you meet. I have a lot of empathy for others I do not judge. I’m very loyal to who I have I my life. I am extremely blunt I so not ever do BS or drama I shut that down quick.. If I don’t like you I’m gonna tell u straight up. Nothing is fake about me. I have to be around good vibes, energy all the time. I can’t do negative energy at all. My man is a Leo we complement each other well I I love him with all I have.

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