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Libra and Capricorn are though unusual and different from each other but they are complimenting each other quite well. Their relationship develops with time and nurture. Even though at first they may find it tough to hit it on, but gradually with time, once they get acquainted with each other, they can be really good friends. Libra is a fun-loving and energetic personality while Capricorns are equally lively and charming. It is this combination which could lead to an interesting chemistry between both these sun signs. The more they concur with each other, the stronger their relationship becomes. Libra and Capricorn have a lot of similarities but it cannot be spotted quickly. Libra people are far more social and cheerful and they adore to converse with varied types of people. Capricorn people are more consistent and strive hard towards their dreams and objectives without giving much too much heed to other things. Both the friends accomplish their dreams in very different ways. Libra and Capricorn believe in starting things very quickly. It would be better for both the friends to happily assign their responsibilities in the friendship and keep their focus to their responsibilities in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Libra friends are talented and creative. Capricorn does not mind hard work as long as they would assist them in accomplishing their objectives. Once Libra and Capricorn gel and consider each other, both the friends would come to know that their bonding could attain a lot of things that neither friend could achieve on their own. They could even take this bond of friendship in the business ventures if they wish too. However, the most essential element of a friendship between Libra and Capricorn is the distinct personalities and character traits that each friend brings into the relationship. Once they learn to communicate with each other, they could have an friendship worth making it envy for others.

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