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Pisces and Aquarius are two different sun signs who can become great friends. They may instantly feel a connection and their chemistry develops quite quickly. Their friendship is full of passion, loyalty and trust. These friends enjoy each other’s company and will always stay loyal to each other. Pisces are practical, calm and composed while Aquarius are far more energetic, adventurous and dynamic in nature. As a result, Pisces may bring stability and practicality in their friendship while Aquarius may bring much needed fun, excitement and energy in their relationship. Pisces may sometimes dislike the easy going attitude of Aquarius and he/she may also dislike the fact that they take things too lightly. Aquarius on the other side may find the too much practical attitude of Pisces to be dull and boring. Aquarius is an air sign and Pisces is a water sign. Conflicts can arise because of Aquarius preferring their brain over heart and Pisces always seeking support of Aquarius. However their arguments don’t last long and the friends forgive each other very quickly. However, the most interesting element of bonding between Aquarius and Pisces is their shared interest in gaining knowledge and inventing new ideas and strategies. They are fairly balanced for each other and develop a strong bond between them. Their common goals and understanding nature make theirs a long lasting and interesting friendship.



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