Pisces Man


Pisces man has creative mind and he is always dreaming his fantasies. If he has dream about anything then he will put all the efforts to make it true. Due to this nature, he may seem detached to you. He is dedicated person and could be the best in his professional life; he takes interest in his work and complete it successfully. He is positive and believe in winning. Pisces Man is adaptive in nature thus he can work in any conditions and with any person. He is talkative and like to have communications with other people.

Pisces Man

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Pisces Man

Pisces man is good in judging people. He likes to listen to the problems of other people and give them accurate solution. He may also burden himself by trying to help people. Pisces man treats every people equal and never keeps favoritism. He often needs some freedom to have his time alone. He also has tendency to take little rest after every small task.

Pisces man is expressive about his emotions. He is also very romantic and will never give you chance to complaint about it. He would prefer woman with dominating nature. He often seeks support from his lady. He is faithful to his woman and expects the same from her. He wouldn’t mind compromising for his loved ones. Pisces man often shows too many emotions towards the person they love. He is always helpful to others thus many people would often come to see him from both the sexes. He will also cherish their company which can make you jealous. If there are any beautiful women then he would not hesitate to admire their beauty. Don’t worry he won’t flirt with them. It is just appreciation and you should get used to it.

Pisces Man

Pisces man is not so good while handling the money, so you will have to teach him how to save money and control his streak of spending money. He has tendency to follow his loved ones so it will be easy to make him understand your thoughts. He likes to dream, so in case if he shares his dream with you then don’t laugh at him. He will get hurt very badly. Pisces man makes a lovely father. He will show lots of affection towards his children. He will teach them how to improve their intellectual skills. You just need to keep your faith in him and he will provide you long lasting love to you.

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9 Responses to “Pisces Man”


    • I really feel sorry for a man who is a Pisces. He cant control himself. He is truly a fish that cant make up his mind, especially when it comes to women. He is definitely flat footed, because he constantly runs from life.A book called Born On A Rotten Day shows the dark side of them, and its not a pretty picture. He is not marriage material, EVER.He will help you spend your money on him and never think a thing about it.So beware, its tough to get rid of them. I know one and he wants me and the hundreds of others he has used and continues to do so as he leads you on to think he really cares. Definitely in the “PISCES” way.My advice is to throw that fish back into the water and be like the Lone Ranger and ride away.

      • Kamiofwater says:


        I’m a Pisces. While I am somewhat indecisive about women, I value my relationships, and would not even think about cheating on the woman I am in a relationship with, cheating is, in my view, a transgression that cannot be forgiven, no matter how short or how little was done.

        As for money, I do cede that I am somewhat bad with it. However, I always insist that if someone wants to buy me a present, that they limit themselves to at least half the price of a present that I have previously gotten them.

    • same. ended badly but I feel very hard for him

  2. No,not all Pisces are flirtatious. I’m engaged to one and he’s a sweet heart.He’s a little jealous over all he’s a good man.

  3. seth nyarko says:

    Everything about me on Pisces is Excellent and no doubt on that thanks

  4. I am a Taurus woman. Some of the most unhealthy, painful and obsessive (on their ends) relationships I have ever had in my entire life were with Pisceans. And almost all of them, save for ONE, cheated on me. I dated one on and off for 3 years and the on and off was NOT by my choice, but rather where he dumped me, and yet would still attempt to keep me close to him in some way or another,and the second it seemed like I was completely over him, immediately try to get me to get back with him with talks of how he loved me, he made a mistake and should have treated me better blah blah. If it were not for the fact that he always seemed to catch me when I was lonely and frankly vulnerable emotionally, I would never have gave him anything beyond a second chance.

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