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Sun sign actually helps you to define your basic characteristics and behavior. Its only because of different sun signs we possess, we have different ways of reacting to different situations. We all have different moods, attitude, style and mentality because we all possess different traits through our zodiac signs. While some people are totally outspoken and bold, you will find some to be extremely reserved and silent. While you will find some to be straightforward and blunt, there will be some who will be secretive and polite. The same thing even applies in the political behaviours of different leaders around the world.
While you will come across a few leaders who will be outright charismatic and dynamic impressing the world with their confidence and personality but you will also come across leaders who are not that charismatic. They may be cold, shy and reserved in their approach! The political behavior of almost all the politicians and leaders is unique from each other and their respective sun signs play a very big role in this.


Politicians born with Aries Sun sign are very bright, dynamic and bold by nature. They will give loud and very confident speeches wherever they go around the world. These politicians also attract a lot of fans and people because of their dynamic persona and honesty. The biggest example of an Aries politician or a leader being none other than Adolf Hitler, his confidence, his swag and his powerful speeches mesmerized the entire world, no surprise. He was amongst the most powerful leaders and politicians of all time! When he speaks, the rest of the world listens, when he commands, the world obeys. Such are Aries leaders who demand complete control!


Politicians with Taurus sun sign are no doubt bold and confident, but they are quite different from Aries sun sign. They are more calculative and shrewd than Aries politicians and whatever move they make is properly analyzed and calculative. One of the best examples of a Taurus politician was Ulyss Grant, the 18th president of the United states!! He was considered to be the most calculative and shrewd leader of his time! He had this amazing ability to make the most finest political moves and he went on to become the president of United States!


Gemini politicians are one of the great conversationalists. They know how to connect with the crowd because of their conversation and social skills. They are very smart and intelligent. Every move they make is properly analyzed before executing. These politicians are also known to be very cunning and smart at the same time. Current presidential candidate Donald Trump, ex U.S President John F.Kennedy and Rahul Gandhi are some of the finest examples of Politicians with a Gemini sun sign. Their inherent quality of connecting with people and their quality of mastering at everything which comes to them makes them very famous amongst the masses. The best part about Gemini politicians is that you can love them or hate them, but they you can never ignore them.


Take example of Donald Trump, more than being in the good news, he also often gets criticized and mocked, he also gets embroiled in controversies, but he is never out of the radar of the people. Trump is a true showman he has various businesses which runs in billions. Donald Trump is always getting that natural attention! As it is evident from the traits of Donald Trump’s sun sign, he often tries to bring attention on himself through his controversial speeches and hate agendas towards Muslims. He also believes in separatism rather than unity to fight. His stand against Muslims to ban them from U.S itself shows how cunning and shrewd his policies are. While his views on climate change are also equally shocking where he believes climate change is just a hoax and there are other issues which needs to be focused on. He has been a hardliner against the immigrants too where he has decided to deny H1b visas to immigrants for longer duration, banning muslims from Unites States and also freezing the green cards! Trump is also quite vocal about his non-support towards gay communities and believes that a marriage has to be done between a man and a woman, he also believes that obamacare policies should be repealed and replaced with more efficient policies which he can bring for the masses.


Cancer politicians are considered to be one of the most intelligent and resourceful politicians of all time. These politicians are also very graceful and attractive. They have a calm demeanor and will hardly portray an aggressive stand on anything. Princess Diana, one of the most beautiful and graceful personality from the royal and political family is a worthy example of leaders/politicians with Cancer sun signs and so was J.Q Adams, the late American president. These politicians are known to take politically correct decisions and even in their speeches, they would make sure, they are politically correct, not offending anybody. They may not be as outrageous and bold as an Aries or a Gemini politician but they are equally talented, intelligent and clever in their own right. They have their own calm way of dealing with any situations and they certainly don’t believe in hate speeches and violence.


Another American politician of Indian Origin who is also the presidential candidate is Bobby Jindal who belongs to the cancer sun sign. Jindal is often known to be the most articulate and researched person in American politics. Cancer’s practical and realistic approach towards things quite reflects towards his policies too where he wants to pass constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. Bobby Jindal also wants to increase spending on defence because of the growing rise of ISIS and other terror related outfits posing a threat to the United States.


Leo politicians are one of the most confident lot of politicians. They are never afraid to support the things which are right. Neither they are afraid to voice their opinions. These politicians are bold, fiery and full of unmatched energy. These politicians are also known to attract a lot of attention. They are also known to get under a lot of controversies because of their open-mindedness, blunt and confident persona. They are also a master statesman. They exactly know what it requires to win the heart of the masses and what to say at what time. These people are also politically wise and accurate in their moves and decision making. One of the major examples of a Leo politician is Barrack Obama, the current president of the United States. He has not only won the heart of the entire United States but also of people around the world because of his confident and bright persona, his ability to voice his opinions and his viral energy!

Virgos have an acute sense of sensing situations in advance and counter planning for it. Hence you will always find these politicians to be well prepared and pumped up for anything. They strive for perfectionism and they are very articulate. Each and every word which they utter is planned in advance. They believe in preparing themselves in advance rather than getting stuck later. Virgo politicians are one of the most practical, rational minded politicians with a modern point of view which appeals the masses. They are also great at communication and socializing. Hence these politicians have the ability to connect with the masses easily. Take example of Bernie Sanders, the current presidential candidate of U.S. He is not as outspoken as Trump but he knows how to voice his opinions. All his speeches are also very politically correct with hardly any flaws.

Bernie Sanders just like any Virgos believes in diplomacy and perfectionism in his policies. Sanders is quite vocal about the issues which needs to be solved immediately, his take on policies are an example of his practical, just and diplomatic nature where he believes all the companies should be charged for carbon emissions which is affecting the climate change. Virgos helping and social nature is also reflected in Bernie Sander’s stand to provide free pre-school and free tution at public schools and universities. Sanders also believes in launching universal government provided healthcare. Virgos accessible, socializing and communicative nature is also reflected in Bernie Sanders open arms towards migrants he is ready to offer path of citizenship and also waive some deportations.


Libra politicians are one of the most confident, crowd attracting and outspoken politicians you will ever come across. These politicians have this natural magnetic ability to attract scores of people around them. Hence these people are very successful politically. They are not as shrewd as a Taurus or a Virgo politician, they believe in saying whatever is in their mind, doesn’t matter if its politically correct or not, they will always put forward their stand and opinions. As a result they garner a lot of appreciation from the crowds as well as media. Some of the most famous politicians with Libra sun sign are none other than our legendary ‘Bapu’ Mahatma Gandhi, ex prime minster of India Dr. Manmohan Singh and the former president of the United States Jimmy Carter!


Scorpio politicians are known to be one of the most analytical, thinking and cunning politicians of all time. They are razor sharp in their conduct, behavior and expressing themselves. They research everything before coming to a point. Politically they have one of the finest and sharpest brains which helps them to climb the ladders in the political world. Who can be a better example than Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of the most powerful lady in the world and also the current presidential candidate of the United States. From being the secretary of state under Obama, She went on to become the most eligible runner up for the most powerful position in the world, the president of the United States! She is known to be very resourceful and knowledgeable. All her speeches are also up to the mark with almost cent percent accuracy which is a rare quality in today’s politicians.


Sagittarius politicians are known for their acute sense of timing and intelligent moves. These politicians are very sincere by nature and they will never take risks in their political life. They will go with the flow and will never try to put themselves under any controversies. They have a great urge for power and hence they can go to any extent to achieve their political dreams. Take example of Sonia Gandhi, she is the most powerful woman of India as well as amongst the top powerful women in the world. The 70th governor of Massachusetts and the current presidential candidate of U.S Mitt Romney also belongs to the Sagittarius sun sign.

Sagittarius’s acute sense of timing and intelligence is quite visible in Mitt Romney’s stands and policies too where he promotes the vitalization of economy by reducing debt and deficit and improve the cash reserves of the Unites States. Quite an intelligent move amongst his counterparts as none of them had highlighted this issue. Mitt Romney also supports gay rights and marriage, he also has a positive outlook and approach towards Muslims. His support towards Muslims and gays unlike other candidates will help him garner more support from such communities which could also affect the voting! Mitt Romney also supports on reducing taxes for businesses and believes in building the corporate industry futher rather than liquidating it. Sagittarians politically correct nature and their constant efforts to avoid into any controversies is also reflected in Mitt Romney’s stand on not legalizing recreational or medicinal marijuana.


Capricorn politicians are not known to be as hard-hitting and brash as Libra or an Aries politician but they are surely unique and attention grabbers in their own capacity. These politicians are known to be extremely likeable and social. They have a large group of back up people and contacts because of their great ability to develop good relations with everybody around them. This quality also helps them to win the heart of the masses too! The current republican presidential candidate of the United States representing texas Ted Cruz is one of the better examples of politicians with Capricorn Sun sign! Martin O Railey and Rand Paul are the other politicians with this sun sign.

Capricorn are hard hitting and brash and so is the current presidential candidate and two time Maryland governor Martin O Railey. He straightway believes in separating commercial and investment banks and also supports in increasing penalties for financial crimes. Martin also promotes in mixing spending cuts with tax increases and restructuring pension plans. Martin O Railey also openly considers climate change to be a real and natural threat which needs to be tackled by making climate change policies stricter and heavily penalizing and even cancelling the licences of companies who emit carbon emissions or pollute the environment.


Politicians with these sun sign have an infectious energy which they spread around. These politicians are bubbly and full of energy pumping up the crowds and encouraging and cheering them. These politicians easily gather the love and attention of the masses because of that nature of theirs. Ex U.S President Franklin Roosevelt, W.H Harrison all belongs to this sun sign! Currently the effervescent presidential candidate of United States and the 43rd governor of Florida, Jeb Bush also belong to this sun sign. These politicians have a very clear view of what they want and they work hard to achieve it. They will toil hard to up their ranks in the political circles with their diplomatic and practical nature.

Aquarians clear view on things and willingness to work hard towards those things is quite visible in Jeb Bush’s political stands and policies too. He clearly believes Climate change being a real concern in the world. Jeb Bush also believes in education for each and every child and no child should be left. Aqurarians diplomatic, less risky and practical nature is also evident from Jeb Bush’s stand on creating a legal status instead of creating a path for citizenship for undocumented residents. Bush also wants to limit family related legal immigration as he believes it could be a threat to the original citizens of the United States.


Politicians with Pisces sun sign are the most underground politicians you will ever come across. Under ground in the sense, they will stay away from unwanted controversies neither do they run behind to grab all the wrong attention. The first president of the United States George Washington, Laloo Prasad Yadav of India, the current presidential candidate of the United States and also the former governor of Texas Rick Perry all belongs to the Pisces Sun sign. They are very particular in their every political move which they make. They also see to it, that they put forward their opinions in a way which offends nobody. These politicians are known to be very powerful and they can build a large number of influential contacts in their armory!

Pisces are conservative by nature and one can easily get an idea of that from current republican candidate Rick Perry’s conservative policies. Some of the examples of his conservative stands and policies are to cap the federal budget at 18 percent GDP, his conservative stand on climate change is no surprise either where he believes that climate change is natural and no science has yet proved whether this climate change is going to be man-made or permanent in nature. Rick Perry also believes that Climate change should not be a top priority right now which has brought him criticism from different political circles around the world. Rick Perry’s conservative nature can again be judged through his stand on closing the department of education as he opposes.

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