Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship may have to face some difficulties in their relationship but together they can be great support for each other. Their successful union may have lot to learn from this relationship. They will have different characteristics and still admire their partner’s traits.

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Sagittarius personality:

Sagittarius people are fun loving and independent in nature. They like travelling, meeting new people and establishing new relationships. They are talkative but can also be harsh sometimes due to their straight nature. They don’t mind speaking the truth. Sometimes they can show serious nature also. They show curiosity to learn new things but they do not accept it as it is. They will inquire about it everywhere and only accept it when they are satisfied with their research. Sagittarius people like doing risky tasks thus they may have habits of gambling. It can also earn good money for them. They like making relationships but they can’t stand it for long time as they feel captivated. They will need entertaining partner to keep them in relationship.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are practical and truth seeking individuals. They would prefer to follow traditional and safe way while working on any task. They are not social thus they may not have interest in talking with people. They show just opposite nature while treating their family members. They are totally devoted to them. Their ambitious nature makes them spend most of the time thinking about their goals. They are able to take effective decisions thus they may not believe in ideas provided by other people. Thus people may think of them as rigid and unfriendly person. They will listen to the person who will provide support to them and has convincing qualities.

Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship:

Sagittarius and Capricorn both may have several differences in their personality traits. Capricorn people are serious and intelligent while Sagittarius people are fun loving and unstable in nature. Capricorn people make firm decisions while Sagittarius people are always exploring something. Capricorn people who show devotion to their work thinks of Sagittarius as total fool for wasting his time while Sagittarius feels annoyed by rigid and serious nature of Capricorn. Sagittarius people are of outgoing nature thus they may spend too much of money on travelling. Capricorn people like saving their money. They hardly go for shopping. They will need to have good understanding in order to get over their differences. If they can understand each other’s aspects about money then they can also adapt to those habits. Sagittarius may think of saving some money while Capricorn will think of buying something useful to them.

 Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sagittarius and Capricorn may share some good relationship while some may need their combined efforts to make it come true. They share good relationship as siblings, friends. Parent child relationship also manages to have good bond but relationships like lovers, husband-wife and business partners may not go smooth as they find each other offensive and annoying. They need to have patience and some co-operation to make their bond better.


Sagittarius and Capricorn

relationship, both of them find more number of differences than common traits. Thus they tend to concentrate on pointing out each other’s differences. Sagittarius people can’t always stay at home and they want to go outside in order to come back peacefully. Capricorn person who tries to settle down at same place for life will feel this uncomfortable to stay with Sagittarius. Capricorn people are money savers while Sagittarius people are big spenders. Capricorn people always follow same path on which they were raised by their parents. They stick to their spirituality and feelings. Sagittarius people make their own philosophies and always change their opinions. Sometimes Sagittarius may even try to change Capricorn’s mind but it will yield only arguments and nothing else. Sagittarius and Capricorn need to understands their differences and appreciate their similarities only then they can live happily with one another.


Sagittarius and Capricorn Personalities:

Sagittarius Man

 Sagittarius Woman

 Capricorn Man

Capricorn Woman


Sagittarius Role:

Sagittarius as child

Sagittarius as father

Sagittarius as mother

Sagittarius as sibling

Sagittarius man in bed

Sagittarius woman in bed

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