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Sagittarius as a father

Sagittarius fathers need some space and time to accept their new role of parenting and being a father and once they accept it they blend themselves completely in. Sagittarius fathers are those fathers who always keep a strict and strong persona towards their children. These fathers are extremely sensitive and possessive for their children and their ultimate objective in their life is to give them the best possible life which even they could not have. They raise their child with utmost sincerity and honesty and they will never ever falter in their responsibilities. These fathers know how to instill discipline in their child without being too strict or tough towards them and they also know how much freedom to give to their children so that they don’t feel dominated or controlled by their dads.

Sagittarius fathers expect a lot from their sons and they always expect their son to assume responsibilities while they will be very sensitive and possessive towards their daughters and they will spoil them by fulfilling every wish of theirs.  Sagittarius people are brutally honest and straightforward people, hence a Sagittarius father will be equally honest and straightforward in their parenting too and they will say whatever they have in their mind to their kids on the face instead of mingling words or hiding the feelings.

The only flaw in their parenting is their temper and uncontrolled anger which even their kids know but can’t help about. Overall these fathers are very responsible and possessive by nature and they will work hard towards giving their child a better future.

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