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Sagittarius and Aquarius are two of the most contrasting signs in the zodiac. These signs are poles apart from each other. But as the rule of the nature goes, opposites attract and same is the case with these two sun signs. At first they may think it is tough to create a bond since they are quite different from each other, but as the time passes by and they spend more time together, they soon realize they can be great friends who have lots of similarities. Sagittarius and Aquarius admire and respect each other’s company and appreciate each other all the time. Sagittarius appreciates the intelligence and innovation of Aquarius and Aquarius appreciates Sagittarius’ strength and zeal. Aquarius always invents new projects and Sagittarius has the energy and determination to carry them out. This differing role they play in the partnership ensures that very few arguments arise between Sagittarius and Aquarius. At times, Sagittarius might consider Aquarius too unconventional and Aquarius might consider Sagittarius too overbearing. The friends only need to communicate openly with each other to surmount these trivial hindrances in their relationship. They both are never jealous of each other and take stride in each other’s achievements. They both are also intensely loyal to each other and always try to strengthen their friendship. They share a great degree of communication and understanding and even if any misunderstandings or arguments arise in their friendship, they tend to solve it very easily and amicably. However, the most striking element in a relationship between Sagittarius and Aquarius is the determination and productivity they bring as a team, when they cooperate with each other to achieve their goals. The partners have the passion and creativity to create new plans and ideas, put them into implementation and assure their successful completion. Together, they make a formidable and envious pair of friends with an amazing chemistry.


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