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Sagittarius as a sibling

Sagittarius siblings are the typical siblings you find in your neighborhood or while you are watching your daily soaps on TV. These siblings are very naughty and always busy doing something or another in the house. They will also fight a lot on small-small issues with their brothers or sisters and that’s why I termed them as the typical siblings. These siblings are just a roller-coaster ride while growing up with them. If they are the elder ones they will be quite dominating and controlling but at the same time they will be very caring and possessive for their younger siblings.

They will always ask the about their whereabouts and what they are upto and they will also be the first one to hit the people if they find someone troubling their younger sibling. As younger siblings this kids will always be up with new pranks and new tricks to trouble their elder siblings as they enjoy a lot troubling them. They will also go wherever their elder siblings are going. They are quick to complain their parents if their elder sibling is not taking enough care of them. They are also those very dramatic and would act in front of their parents to gain their more attention.

They are also bound to throw tantrums and fight a lot if they notice the parents are giving more love and attention to the other sibling. These siblings are but no dount fun to hang out with because of their energetic and active nature, you are asusured you won’t have a boring childhood with them. If they are the elder ones, not only will they be more responsible but also they will bear the tantrums of their younger siblings as they love them and feel its their responsibility to protect them.


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