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Sagittarius as mother

Sagittarius people usually make cool and open-minded parents because of their naturally optimistic nature which gives them the courage and faith to raise their child. It is because of this positive nature of theirs that helps them to guide their children into right path in life. They have this strong ability to express and explain things in a very clear and accurate manner and this quality makes them good teachers and preachers too. These are the must have qualities in a parent which they possess in abundance. While Sagittarian fathers take their time to accept their new role of being a father and parenthood the Sagittarius mom will take the role of motherhood quite naturally and with efficiency. These moms also know how to balance their career and motherhood.

Sagittarius people also love travelling and hence you will always find a Sagittarius mom taking their kids to new getaways and picnic spots. These are also doting mothers and will always run behind their children to ensure that they are well fed. Most of the times, Sagittarius moms are very lenient and they will not mind giving their children ample amount of freedom and let them do whatever they want to do in life. These are the kind of mothers who will let their child do whatever they want and learn from their personal experiences and then decide in life what is wrong and what is right instead of giving them long lectures and forcing them to do things.

While a Sagittarius fathers are more possessive and inclined towards their daughters, the moms are more inclined towards their daughters and it is heard that Sagittarius moms do not get along well with their daughters as much as they get along with their sons. However as all mothers, all they want is well being of their child and see them become successful human beings in future.

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