Sagittarius Tattoo



People who are born between 22nd November and 21st December have Sagittarius zodiac sign. Sagittarius people are energetic, brave, adventurous and strong individuals. They are represented by the archer or by the symbol of arrow.

There are many stories related to Sagittarius which can be used to make creative Sagittarius tattoo.

  •  If you want small and cute tattoo then you can opt for just Arrows with some other props that defines your personality or work.
  • Simple arrow will not look good so you can also add your own ideas like bow with arrows or modern day bow and arrows. If you are athlete or part of any forces then you can also make person shooting with bow and arrow. To make it more interesting you can depict the “John Rambo” n your hand!


Let’s see some of the stories from mythology which can definitely give you more ideas to make more interesting Sagittarius tattoo.


Sagittarius Tattoo

  • Centaur Chiron:

Chiron was immortal and king of all the centaurs. He was the best archers. Most of Gods and Greek legends were his friend, one them was Hercules. He was good teacher and philosopher too. Once Hercules and Chiron were hunting and accidently Chiron got hit by poisoned arrow of Hercules. As he was god he didn’t die but that pain was unbearable. Hercules went to find any help but Chiron gave up his immortality to get rid of that pain. He was placed among stars by Zeus for his bravery and named as Sagittarius.

You can create a tattoo of centaur. It is mythological creature with upper body of human and lower body of horse. As he was great archer you can show centaur holding a bow and arrow. He was little uncivilized, wild angry human so try to make your Sagittarius tattoo look little angry and aggressive.

  • Crotus the Satyr:

Crotus was skillful hunter. It is also said that he brought the concept of bow and arrow. He used to live among the mountains with muses. He had upper body of man but lower body of a goat. He had ears of donkey and tail of horse. It is also said that he had ever erected phallus and he used to keep his muses pleased with it. Well this may be the reason why Sagittarius people are flirty. For his hunting skills and adventurous personality he is remembered as Sagittarius. Crotus Satyr always used to dance and drink wine. They also liked making music.

Thus you can make the Sagittarius tattoo with these two creatures or you can also show both of them together. If you have big arm you can show Chiron aiming arrow while Crotus is playing music with wine bottle or bowl around.

  • In tarot card Sagittarius is represented by an angel having wings and halo. It also called the symbol of balance as that angel has one foot in water while another in ground. In background it is the time of dawn and sun is coming out of clouds. Angel also has two chalices and it is pouring water from one to another. Both the chalices have same amount of water in it. This shows the blend of all the elements of life and balance maintained in it.


  • Nessus the centaur:


In Greek mythology another centaur named Nessus is remembered for his infamous act. He tried to rape wife of the legend Hercules. Hercules struck him with his poisonous arrow but before dying he told wife of the Hercules to feed Hercules his blood which will ensure that he will love her forever. As Nessus was already poisoned his blood poisoned the Hercules too.


  • Centaur people crave for drink and physical pleasures. Thus you can make Sagittarius tattoo with centaur (Nessus) with woman or just any centaur partying and dancing or while in pose for hunting.
  • Sagittarius is fire sign thus you can also show fire in tattoo.


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