Sagittarius Woman


Sagittarius woman is fun loving, happy and friendly person. She is independent and confident in nature. She will never hesitate to speak her mind out and is straight forward. She is very talkative. Sagittarius woman likes to roam and is always planning for outdoor activities. She is always energetic and ready for anything. She can be impatient sometimes.

Sagittarius Woman

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Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman tend to spend most of the money on shopping. She has very positive approach towards the life and tries to learn something new from every moment. She never cries over her failure but tries to improve on her mistakes. She is family oriented but too many responsibilities makes her annoying. Sagittarius woman will not accept any domination from you; if you want her to do something for you then tell her gently. Sagittarius woman also like the man who is strong, confident and dominating in nature.

Sagittarius woman tends to believe everyone but it may make her reliant on others. She can also get cheated sometimes. But Sagittarius woman also has good ability to overcome her negatives and rise above them. She will not care what other people thing of her and her action.

Sagittarius woman does not like to be in a relationship and feels uncomfortable with it. She has strong opinion about herself that she can do everything that a man can do; hence she likes to be self-sufficient. If she manages to get married then she will take some time to adjust with you. Sagittarius woman is faithful with her partner. She will provide continuous love to her husband. She will help her husband to achieve his goals. As a mother she will be more close to her children just like any friend. She will have good time with children but she can also spoil them by giving them freedom. Her husband will have to make her understand that she is being to frank with children.




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  1. I do find a lot of similarities with my horoscope although, I do not give my children very much freedom to roam for the simple fact the world has gone CRAZY and I would like for my girls to grow up independent, respectful young ladies with the skills and intelligence to make it in this crazy world.

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