Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn may have many things to share with one another since they have several things common between them. They both will keep each other entertained. They both show enough reliability and honesty. Word of appreciations will flow from both sides.

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Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are highly stable and intelligent individuals. They show confidence and hard working personality. Scorpio shows intensity in everything they do. They make passionate lovers and sensitive personality. They usually show calm nature but they are always thinking about something. They always hide their emotions and intensions. They are good in judging the nature of people. They admire people who show honesty and hard working nature. They may show self centered nature sometimes. They do not like to waste their time for unnecessary reasons. They are also good managing their money. Though Scorpio people show serious nature, they have good humor and entertaining personality. They will show affections to people who are close to them.

Capricorn personality:

Capricorn people are more concerned about their individual success rather than others. They have high tolerance and careful nature. They are also clever people. Capricorn people have big dreams to achieve thus they are continuously working on it. They may have all planned before doing any job and they will only follow their plan. They follow well structured and strict life. They want to have all the luxuries of world. They are reliable and hard working thus they can always succeed in their own business. Their only desire is to earn good respect and money. They may appear selfish but they are also gentle in nature. Their sensitive nature is only reserved for their family and close people. Though money and success matters most to them, they will always run to help the person closed to them.

Scorpio and Capricorn relationship:

Scorpio and Capricorn both are ambitious in nature. They may have same goals but differ in the way they choose to work. They both can be secretive sometimes in terms of their desires to earn money and respect. They both also show good amount of patience. These virtues may lead in creation of fine relationship between them. They can also turn enemies due to their rigid nature. Scorpio often hides their true identity thus their partner or lover may have problems matching with their true nature in initial phase of their relationship. They may have quarrels due to different approaches but in the end they finalize on same decisions. They both understand each other’s nature and hope to enhance their relationship. If they can come together, it will be union of two well determined energies. They may find immediate solutions for any dispute between them. If they can communicate every problem well with one another then it will make their relationship easier.

 Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn share happy bond in every relationship they make. As siblings or relatives they will have peaceful life. They both are also compatible for marriage and also make good lovers. Scorpio man and Capricorn woman can have even better relationship. They make loyal and helpful friends. Their business partnership will also bring success as they both are devoted to their work. Scorpio and Capricorn also make good parent and child bond. They both will be caring parents and give respect to their parents as a child. Though, there can be some arguments between them sometimes. If they are co-workers then they may look each other as competitors but not always. They usually play supportive role.

Scorpio and Capricorn

can have some dull moments due to one or more reasons. Capricorn may find Scorpio too energetic. They don’t like wasting so much energy after single job. Scorpio people may not like critical comments from Capricorn. Scorpio thinks of Capricorn as insensitive person. Otherwise, there are no big problems in this relationship. Scorpio and Sagittarius both may have tendency to track what their partner is doing and make their own strategies according to it. They both may also mix up their ideas to get better results. Scorpio and Capricorn may get stuck in their personal life due to their devotion towards their work. They both need to come out of their shells and blend with the world. Once they learn to socialize and communicate it will also have its effects on their relationship.


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Scorpio and Capricorn Personalities:

Scorpio Man

 Scorpio Woman

 Capricorn Man

Capricorn Woman


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  1. Reginald Fairbanks says:

    My girlfriend and I are a good match this match how we act around each other we love each other so dearly. She is a capricorn and I am a scorpio and I love this girl so much she is the love of my life and our parents still dont understand what we see in each another. I may be only 14 but shot I dont care what anyone think as long as nothing ever happens to this girl I will be okay but if you wanna talk to me and get some tips about how to treat a capricorn girl or woman. Check me up on facebook at Reginal Irvin or look me up on Instagram reginald_fairbanks.

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