Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio may have many things to share and appreciate about. They may also have common mindsets and work ethics which make them comfortable with each other. With other similarities, they both also show dominating natures which can create resentments between them.

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Scorpio personality:

Scorpio people are intelligent, smart and strong willed individuals. They generally look calm and composed but there are many things going on in their mind. Thus they are also called mystifying creatures. Scorpio people like to spend time alone but they are also family oriented people. They show loyalty to their partners. They may also show dominant nature sometimes. They have good physical and mental strength. Scorpio people like lavishness and may spend too much money on it. They are passionate lovers with intensity seen in their every action. Scorpio people like studying as they have analytical minds. They have ability to detect even smallest variations from around. Scorpio people have good patience with which they can withstand any stress. They never show their anger but if anyone tries to manipulate them then, they may attack with their poisonous sting. They are the master of disguise and can quickly identify the person with wrong intentions. They never forget nor forgive.

Scorpio and Scorpio relationship:

Scorpio and Scorpio people form amusing relationship with both showing enough humor to keep each other entertained. Scorpio people want to know everything about the person whom they meet but never disclose their true identity. Still they hope to find a person who will understand them. As both people involved in this relationship are Scorpio they will see each other suspiciously. They make every decisions precisely thus they can achieve almost all of their objectives. They may also have competitions among them.

Scorpio and Scorpio relationship may show honesty and commitment. Scorpio people adore those people who are honest or have some good attributes. They will return with same amount of loyalty and love to them. Both Scorpios will hide their secrets from other one but they will be glad that they are with person who has same personality and intelligence. They may have to act safely not to do anything that will make any one of them angry. If anyone gets angry on other one then, they will display furious nature but this is not the end; now it is turn for other Scorpio and they will come with even more destructive anger. This will continue in loop unless anyone of them retires. They can always find the solution with their intelligence and interacting skills but for that they will need to maintain peace between them.

 Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio can bring either positive or negative energy. It will depend on them how they use their energy. Two Scorpios make good siblings, friends and Lovers. They will show affection and trust for each others. They would also like to work together if they have same objectives to achieve. Good understanding makes base for their relationship. As colleagues or even friends they may also share competitive bond. Two Scorpio relatives may not have anything to share with each other. Scorpio people can become very successful businessmen if worked together. Sadly, they like to work alone and would become competitors for each others. As parents and children they will have respectful bond but they may also fight to prove their point. Thus, Scorpio and Scorpio relationship will have to go through several ups and downs.

Scorpio and Scorpio

often face problems related to honesty. They would often turn negative to each other. Their suspicious nature and detached living style can create possessiveness in their mind. They may become jealous of one another. First, they will need to control their anger and dominating nature. They should try to adjust with each other which will help them to create loyalty. If they succeed to maintain peace between them, then they will learn many things and achieve many milestones together. They should often let other one to direct them as this will only thicken their bond and trust. Scorpio and Scorpio relationship can be highly affected by negative energy possessed by every Scorpio thus they should try to eliminate it.


Scorpio and Scorpio Personalities:

Scorpio Man

Scorpio Woman


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