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Scorpio as a father

Scorpio fathers are excellent parents who will be very friendly and protective of their child. Scorpio has natural traits of being a good lover, caring and being possessive. Hence it is but natural that these traits will show up in their parenting too. They are very cool with both their sons and daughters. While you will see a Scorpio father having a drink with his son and discussing things about life, you may also find Scorpio father to be the best friend of their daughter, where their daughter will share everything with their dads.

These fathers are the most sensitive towards their daughters and they will never even raise their voice against their daughters.They love their daughters so much that they will try to fulfill even their wildest wishes. Even though they are very possessive and soft towards both their children but they will see to it that they will always have a strict persona against their children. Since Scorpio is a sun sign which naturally are not very expressive in showing their love, the same thing happens in their parenting too when sometimes they cannot show their love and fondness which they have to their children and as a result their children may start to drift away from them.

Scorpio sun signs are known as givers and these fathers have a king size heart, they will spoil their children with almost every wishes which their child wants. Overall these fathers are like coconut, tough from outside and soft from inside and always wish that their child excels in whatever he/she does.

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