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Scorpio and Aquarius are the two most compatible sun signs in the zodiac as far as friendship is concerned. Even though there are many differences and they live their life differently, they can have amazing friendship with great chemistry. Both are intellectual, secretive and dynamic in nature and they have a good degree of understanding and communication between each other. As a result they read they read each other’s mind very quickly and it is because of this they hardly have any differences or arguments in their friendship. Since both of them are also creative by nature, they can successfully share and implement their ideas together and also be great business partners. Scorpio and Aquarius are both secretive and stubborn by nature. Both signs want things to happen their way. Scorpions are far more practical and look into the nitty-gritty of anything to find the best answers. Aquarius is more flexible and hate to involve too much into anything. Scorpio might be attracted by Aquarius’ flexible and easy going outlook towards life, but find it tough to fully know them. Aquarius might appreciate the power and communication of Scorpio, but would ignore their possessiveness and feelings from them. As a matter of the fact, the dominating planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto and of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, so both are very well matched for each other. Mars is all about feelings and emotional bonding and Scorpio’s actions are always based on their feelings or chemistry which they have with them. Aquarius gets their stability and balance from the influence of Saturn and their flexible and rational thinking nature from the influence of Uranus. Scorpio can push Aquarius about emotion attachments and feelings and make them look deep into different things. On the other hand, Aquarius could push Scorpio friend to go away from things when they become complicated and to again plan their plans and mission when they seem to look impractical. However the most notable element in their friendship is their power for unimaginable achievement and success when they both start to co-operate with each other and work as a team. Both zodiac signs have straits of practicality and character. Hence, they will never dominate each other. Once they set aside their dissimilarities and flaws, they can share a great rapport and develop an amazing chemistry of unbreakable friendship.



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