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Scorpio and Leo are two very different sun signs in the zodiac. They have totally different approach towards their life with very different set of mind-sets. But that does not mean they cannot have a great bond of friendship. In fact, there are many character traits that complement each other quite well and help in creating a strong bond between them.Scorpio and Leo can learn many things from each other. Scorpio can learn a lot from the practical and balanced character of Capricorn. However, they might dislike the lack of communication or feelings from Leo. Leo could learn to appreciate the depth of any feelings and emotions and the diverse aspects of life from Scorpio. Both signs are defined by discipline, comfort, dedication and hard work. They both are always loyal to each other and always admire each other’s company to the fullest. As a matter of the fact, the dominating planets of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto and the ruling planet of Leo is Saturn so both are very compatible to each other as afar as healthy friendship is concerned. Sometimes though, Leo may dislike the secretive nature of Scorpio and Scorpio might dislike the unemotional nature of Capricorn. Leo loves to start new projects and Scorpio strives hard and work on them and finish them according to their approach towards life. Both signs have a degree of egoism in them and this could lead to misunderstandings and arguments between them. It would be preferred for both the signs to communicate well with each other to develop the friendship. However, themost striking element of bonding between a Scorpio and Leo friend is the great results their combined co-operating and teamwork could attain. Their strong dedication and passion makes them a very envious pair of friends. Proper Communication, patience and mutual understanding is the key to their successful friendship and once it develops, it creates a strong and ever-lasting bond between both the friends.

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