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Scorpio is one of the most dynamic and focused type of sun sign in the zodiac, they are intellectual, secretive and a little bit mysterious. Hence when two friends are Scorpio, one thing is for sure, there is never going to be a dull moment in their relationship. At first they may find it tough to bond, but as the time goes and they come to know, they both have many similarities and their friendship grows leaps and bounds. Both the friends may strive to bring practicality, stability and balance in their friendship. Since both of them are also focused they can successfully implement their ideas together and also be successful business partners. A friendship between two Scorpions is a combination of two energetic and competitive people. Both the friends are very honest and loyal to each other and their friendship progresses very quickly. Each friend strives hard to fully devote him-self or her-self to the other to create a strong bond of friendship. However, any conflict between them could also be intense filled with shattering emotions and risk of even breaking up the friendship. Two scorpions would in fact prefer to commit themselves entirely to the happiness and development of each other or strive hard for the benefits of each other. Scorpio forms a very passionate and intense friendship with any people they become friends with. They would always protect and defend each other at all costs against outside enemies or evil elements trying to break the friendship. Scorpio must channel their energy and focus towards beneficial things which could take their friendship a step higher. However, this would not be so easy for two powerful personalities like these two friends themselves. However, the most interesting element in a friendship between two Scorpions is the amazing passion and a great bond that the partners could create. Their flexible mind and power of taking practical decisions make them a very envious and a formidable pair and their strong dedication towards each other assures the longevity and stability in their friendship.

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