Scorpio Tattoo


People who are born between 23rd October and 22nd November have Scorpio zodiac sign. Its symbol looks like “M” with tail to it. It is represented by Scorpion. Scorpio people are known for their revengeful and aggressive instincts. They also have secretive nature.

Here are some ideas for making Scorpio tattoo based on its symbol:

You can have tattoo of “M” and pointed tail to it representing the tail of scorpion. It is water sign so you can also show water near it. Scorpio also represents the death so you can show some skulls if you want to. You can make it however it suits you.

Scorpio people have most of the instincts of real life scorpion so having Scorpio tattoo actually depicts your personality.

If your name starts from “M” then you can make it more interesting by matching it with glyph or symbol of Scorpio.

Scorpio Tattoo

In mythology you can find many stories of scorpion animal. He was always involved with Orion. Orion was one of the best hunters but he became egoistic and started bragging around about his adventures. He had good looks and attractive body. He was so big and giant that he could stand in the deepest sea. He started saying that he could hunt any animal in this world so to defeat him scorpion was sent. You can find many stories on this background. You can sort out elements from these stories to make Scorpio tattoo:

  • Once mother earth sent scorpion to stop Orion from killing all the innocent animals. When he went to stop Orion a goddess Artemis interfered between them. She was in love with Orion’s attractive body and strength. She tried to help Orion in killing Scorpion. This battle took place in ocean; during this she saw something black in water and struck it with her arrow. She presumed it to be Scorpio but she accidently hit Orion. Scorpio and Orion both are remembered as two constellations. One can show fighting scene of Scorpion and Orion and Artemis aiming at them with arrow and bow.
  • Another story says that Artemis herself sent Scorpion to kill Orion due his disastrous nature. She wanted to save the remaining animals of the earth. Orion was stung By Scorpion.
  • A story says that Artemis’s twin brother of Apollo hated Orion for making his sister fall in love with him. He sent Scorpio to finish Orion.
  • In tarot cards Scorpio are called the death card. It is often represented with big skeleton with scythe. Skeleton is symbol of the death and rebirth. One can also make Scorpio tattoo with skeleton riding a horse.
  • Flower of lily can also be used to describe the rebirth of life. Usually used by women.
  • Phoenix bird can also be sketched to describe the rebirth. One can display it along with skull or skeleton.
  • Ouroboros: it is a picture of snack eating its own tail. This symbolizes the infinite life structure. Life is continuous and it always finds its way to start again. It also portrays the change which is constant.
  • One can just draw a Scorpion in dark red color.


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