Serial Killer Zodiac Signs


Zodiac signs can influence people to do either good or bad things. As long as bad things are concerned all the zodiac signs can have criminal instincts. Here we are going to discuss about the serial killer zodiac signs. Not all the people can dare to kill but situation can make any person to do it. Some of the zodiac signs have less control on their instincts which can lead them to kill people. I have listed them all according to their criminality:



Cancer people come first in this list as they have most lunatic personality of all the zodiac signs. It is very difficult to predict their instincts. They also have good intelligence and will power to commit and hide their crime. They use multiple ways for killing people. Cancer people have more percentage of involvement in serial killing.


Taurus people have strength and guts to face any person. They want to earn money and can be found in crime related with money. Lack of control on their anger can lead them to kill people otherwise they may try not to harm people. They can get violent at times. They will also prefer to work alone.


Sagittarius people are involved in small burglaries and crimes. They don’t want to get trapped in any further problems thus they would just tie people together or locked them in room so that they can complete robbery. They would often avoid killing people.


When involved in crimes Aries people can become even short tempered. They are often hired as hit man.


Capricorn people are known for their well planned crimes. They work in group and have made all arrangements of how they will run away from their crime. They have history of not being caught by police.


Virgo people are one of the finest people in crime. They never leave their traces behind. They are mostly technically involved in crime like computer experts or hackers.


Libra people usually work behind the scenes. They are pervert who will do anything to gain something for them. They are often working for mafias and burglars.


Pisces people are involved in drugs. They are either forced into it or are addicted to drugs thus they join criminal people. Pisces people often trust bad guys and get into this business. Some Pisces people can also have high temper.


Scorpio people mostly become criminal due to their revengeful nature. They can be assassins or contract killers.


Leo people are known for provoking others. They are involved in a group crime. They usually have role of leader.


Aquarius people are intelligent criminals. They can be computer or internet hackers. They use their manipulation to force their target make mistake. These mistakes can be useful to such criminals.


Gemini people use their sweet talk to fool people. They first win trust of people and then cheat on them. They are involved in small burglaries and frauds.




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