Taurus people are respected for being Slow but steady in their life. Taurus people are praised for their dedication, enthusiasm and competence. Indian astrology  year 2015 would find some of their past problems which were bothering the Taurians mentally, emotionally and physically getting sorted out bringing a whole new world of optimism, positivity, enthusiasm, freshly infused confidence within and towards their family, friends and at their workplace. There will be significant progress in career. A fresh hike, promotion are also on the cards. Subsequently increase in work load and responsibilities at home could not be denied due to the progress which could be dealt with proper planning and creating an understanding amongst people who are close. In the latter half period of the year 2015, stars are favorable and signaling positive to strike a new realty or a property deal. Taurians who are willing to buy a house, office space and make a property deal should go ahead and have it done. However, people are suggested to check all the related details, clauses, hidden charges and all the concerned paper work thoroughly before stepping a single step ahead. Ignorance could lead to a major problem in future. And if taken a proper precautionary measures, you could have benefits showering on you. Some will be able to reap a good harvest from a property transaction. The past investments maturing by this period shows a high valued rewards and a golden outcome out of it. A long standing pending payment and recovery of debts are on the cards. On the relationship front due to professional commitments you will not be able to give proper attention to your family and loved ones. Sort it out with a proper planning of your schedules and share your engagements and commitments with your loved ones to avoid any unlikely and uncomfortable situation in personal and professional fronts. You should try to spend some good and quality time with your family, your children and your parents for a better and peaceful you. Give your family and loved ones equal importance.  You can bring the personal life back on track with some lines of open communication, few surprises and some extra sprinkle of love and sincerity. An outing with your family members could bring a lot of energy and fresh air to your own self resulting to you soaring new heights in your career.

– Sachin sharma

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