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Taurus and Aquarius have many traits in common and they can share a great bond of friendship. Both are equally practical minded and composed in nature and as a result they can understand each other quite well. While Taurus are hard working, Aquarius are more creative and hence the qualities of hard working and creativity compliments each other quite well and they can even be good colleagues. They can be equally successful as business partners as much as they are being friends. Taurus and Aquarius could both be stubborn and impatient at times. They both like to do things in their own way. Taurus friend is more practical and does not mind daily monotonous work while Aquarius friend is creative and finds daily routine work boring and unexciting. Taurus is always attracted by Aquarius, but might not be able to understand their nature fully. Aquarius tends to dislike the dominating and moody nature of Taurus, but find their friendship has strong backup of practicality to fall back on. Aquarius can always push Taurus to be more detached to keep working hard to attain their objectives and to move on to the next thing if one thing does not go well. Both the friends can work hard towards their common goals or any plans they have. Once they become a team, they can achieve amazing results together. Thus both the friends dedicate equally to their friendship. However, if they have clash of opinions or ideas, they can always be found to be arguing with each other. Taurus will never change their opinion as that goes against their trait and persona. Aquarius could find Taurus too plain and practical. If both the friends realize that cooperation is better than competing with each other, they can be a great combination. Taurus is more stubborn than Aquarius, but might give in, to some extent, to avoid too much conflicts or misunderstandings in their friendship.



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