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Two of the most unusual pairings in the zodiac is the combination of Taurus and Cancer. A bonding between a Taurus and a Cancer represents a good companionship, in general. Taurus and Cancer are two signs totally different in the Zodiac, which means that the partners communicate well with each other. Both Taurus and Cancer look for stability: Taurus in an practical sense and Cancer in an sensitive sense. They could look after each other with honesty and loyalty, once the bonding starts to develop. Taurus and Cancer have a pleasant and joyful relationship because they need similar things. Both the friends work hard for comfort and worldly possessions. They enjoy a comfortable home, nice food, expensive clothes, expensive things and strong relationships: all part of a safe and a highly stable life. They can also manage fantastic family lives, often what others always try to achieve. Taurus and Cancer strive very hard to achieve a pleasant family life rather than flaunt themselves in the social circles. Misunderstandings or arguments arise, if the Taurus friend starts to become too assertive, which can affect his Cancer friend to go back to his reserved nature. The Taurus friend must realize that his Cancer friend is very emotional and sensitive by nature and it is because of this, the Cancer friend should always communicate freely with his Taurus friend rather than depend only on emotional understanding. These two friends also happen to understand each other quite easily since both are opposite by nature. Due to their same creativity and ambition levels, they can even be great colleagues and business partners. Their friendship just requires a little co-operation and understanding and it could turn into a long lasting and loyal friendship. Cancer being far more organized can also control the temperamental nature of Taurus and help them to achieve peace and comfort in the friendship while a Taurus can provide with the warmth and security due to its manly and aggressive nature.

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