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Bringing together Taurus and Capricorn is like bringing two angry and temperamental people on the same stage. They are both like pitting fire against fire but that doesn’t mean friendship cannot blossom between these two sun signs. In fact a little understanding and giving a little time to their friendship can make this bond a very strong one. Even though there are many character traits in them which are quite similar like they both are strong minded, realistic and well disciplined. Hence a bonding between Taurus and Capricorn can be one of practicality, stability and sensibility. Since both these sun signs are also practical and realistic in nature they to understand each other very well. They both can form a strong and exciting friendship based on the virtue of trust and a practical view of things in the relationship. They are very consistent, stable, traditional and reliable. Taurus could help Capricorn to cheer up, lighten up and cherish the fruits gained from their combined work while Capricorn could push and teach Taurus to accomplish their ends and make their dreams into reality. As a result, the Taurus friend can support his Aquarius friend take some rest from its constant work and enjoy the smaller and finer things in life while the Capricorn friend could teach how to keep on working until you have achieved your aim. However, the most interesting element of their bonding is the similarity of their character and their passion and commitment to attain their common aims and objectives in life. They both adore a luxurious and comfortable life and are always ready to give the efforts to reach them and they don’t mind sharing their resources or ideas with each other. Hence the combination of these two sun signs, though looks tough at the first glance to make friendship, but could eventually develop into a long lasting and exciting bond of friendship.

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