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Gemini is considered to be one of the most mysterious sun signs in the zodiac. They are known for their secretive nature and mysterious personality. While the Taurus people are quite open in their views and they are far away from being mysterious. As a result, these two different kinds of personalities can gel well together. While Taurus people are calm and aggressive at the same time, Gemini friends are the least concerned with the issues which does not matter to them. For their friendships to prosper there definitely needs some time and nurture from both the sides. The Gemini friend will always want totally different things at the same time in the life while the Taurus friend has to work hard to achieve balance and loyalty, while providing understanding and space to the other friend. Then they could form an exciting and adventurous chemistry together, as either partner has a lot to give to the other in their companionship. Initially, Gemini might find Taurus too be demanding or dominating. As a result, Taurus just has to be patient and eventually a great bond of stable friendship would be formed between both of them. Taurus and Gemini approach life in very different ways.
Taurus people are very temperamental and more practical minded while Gemini people are more academically inclined and more intellectual. Gemini might not find the plain, simple attitude of Taurus to be exciting and Taurus might dislike the secretive and mysterious attitude of Gemini. Taurus could help Gemini become more involved in life, and introduce them to a wider and better aspect of things, rather than consider them from a purely creative or academic point of view . Gemini can bring diversity and thrill into the otherwise plain and simple life of Taurus. Both these different types of personalities have many traits that complements each other and it is this reason chances are they could develop a great chemistry of friendship between them.




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