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While Taurus represents bull sign and they are hot tempered by nature. Leo is the exact opposite who are always found to be calm and composed yet mysterious. As a result this two very contrasting sun signs make an interesting combination. A relationship between Taurus and Leo is one of mutual respect and admiration and they always happen to admire and enjoy their company a lot. They also find each other’s likes and dislikes to be quite similar. Both these individuals are very passionate and ambitious in their own way and will strive harder till they attain their goals. The cool and soothing and composed nature of Leo and the courageous nature of the Taurus help in forming a successful business partnership. As a result they understand and compliment, each other very well. They are also both fiercely faithful and loyal to each other. These individuals get along quite well as friends as well as business partners due to their similar character traits. They also have a lot of mutual respect for each other. It is very tough for them to fight or have any ego problems because they always try to understand each other very well. The cool and composed nature of Leo helps in forming a successful business partnership. Leo is a total party animal and loves being on the centre stage taking all the attraction with both the hands while the Taurus people are quite reserved and composed in nature. The only hindrance in this smooth flowing friendship can be the temperamental nature of Taurus which a Leo may find sometimes too hot to handle while a Taurus may find the mysterious and secretive nature of Leo to be disturbing, quite a few times. People with these two sun signs can have a long term and a very amazing bonding, since they have many qualities in common and always tend to understand each other quite well.

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