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Taurus and Virgo are two sun signs which are poles apart from each other in their character traits and that’s the reason it may take time for them to develop their friendship. While Taurus are active as well as hot-headed people, Virgo are always calm and sensitive. A friendship between a Taurus and a Virgo is a friendship of trust and communication. Both the friends signs are silent, composed, well disciplined and have great principles to follow in life. Taurus and Virgo are understanding and co-operative to each other. Virgo admires Taurus’ sheer strength and commitment while Taurus will always appreciate Virgo’s mental strength and consistency. A Taurus-Virgo bonding blossoms over the time. It is based on the virtue of trust, honesty as well as practicality. Taurus and Virgo take a worldly and calculative view of things as they both adore and work hard towards the comforts of life and they are always eager to work hard to earn them. Taurus may not be able to understand Virgo’s mixed nature sometimes and take it personally which may lead to misunderstandings between them while a Virgo may dislike the stubborn nature of Taurus, but in the end could end up accepting the attitude of his Taurus friend. As the time passes both the friends would end up being happy with each other’s company and would start appreciating each other. As a matter of the fact, the dominating planet of Taurus is Venus and that of Virgo is Mercury and both planets are very near to the sun and it is because of that, they are complimenting each other quite well. They are always in the surroundings of each other even though they are quite apart in nature. Venus represents stability and sensuality. Mercury possesses communication and creative qualities allowing Virgo to assume whichever responsibility in the friendship they choose. Virgo is good at reading minds of people and understands other people very well. There are hardly any arguments or fights in their friendship. Hence with a little understanding and freedom of space the friendship between Taurus and Virgo could prosper and develop into a very loyal and long lasting friendship.

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