Taurus Compatibility Chart


Taurus people are known for their strength and intelligence. They can be action oriented and ambitious people. They are friendly and caring in nature too. They can have good compatibility with all the zodiac signs with little patience and understanding from both ends. Here is Taurus compatibility chart with all the available sign combinations:

Taurus and Aries:

Taurus and Aries people both are opposite sides of each other but they also have some common qualities. Taurus people are slow, steady and stable while Aries people are quick, impulsive and inconsistent. Though, with enough time spent with each they both can appreciate each other’s qualities. Taurus people are good thinker while Aries people can quickly act on it. Even if initially they find each other too different but later they can realize that their partner has complementing qualities. Love relationship can be very effective.

Taurus and Taurus:

Most of the times two people with same signs can’t have good relationship but in case of Taurus and Taurus compatibility it can be proved to be wrong. They both are dependable, realistic and intelligent; due to such same qualities they will always look each other with respect. They both are fond of gardening, decorating etc. They both would like to spend time at home rather than socializing. They always show their concern about their loved ones. They can engage in heated arguments which can create problems for them if not stopped at right time.

Taurus and Gemini:

Taurus is earth while Gemini is air thus there is very common things which can hold them together. Taurus people have firm and strong nature while Gemini people are often confused and changing in nature. Taurus people always prefer to use traditional methods but Gemini people get bored of repeating things. Taurus people are not talkative while Gemini people can trick them with their manipulative talking. Gemini people are also more social than Taurus people. Taurus people rarely show their flirty nature but it is natural to Gemini. They need to build up trust and understanding in order to have long lasting relationship.

Taurus and Cancer:

Taurus and Cancer have good chance of having long lasting relationship. When Cancer person is involved with Taurus, it becomes even more romantic and emotional pair. They both are expressive when it comes to sharing their feelings. They both respect their family and relatives. Taurus people are dependent people while Cancer people can take all the responsibilities of their family. They both like to earn money and save it for future. They both can make loyal partners.

Taurus and Leo:

Taurus and Leo are two strong and stubborn individuals thus their compatibility can be difficult. Taurus people are hard working, intelligent and tolerant while Leo people are demanding, quite lazy and self praising. They both have high optimism but Leo person’s interest doesn’t last for long while Taurus person is consistent. They both seek appreciation from their partner which can’t be possible at the same time. They both prefer to work alone which create gap between them. They both are known for their temper which can be seen if anyone tries to push them. With proper give and take of respect they can share good relationship.

Taurus and Virgo:

Taurus and Virgo can make good pair as they both have many traits common between them. They both are studious, ambitious and responsible people. They both are good in decisions making. Taurus people put all the efforts to achieve their goals while Virgo people are known for their perfection. Both of them like tidiness and well organized environment. They both can be loyal partners for each other. Financial conditions are sure to improve in this relationship. Taurus people need to control their anger while Virgo people need to control their critical nature.

Taurus and Libra:

Taurus and Libra can be difficult relationship as they have just opposite natures. Taurus people are confident, responsible and intelligent while Libra people lack confidence to make firm decisions; they often show duality. Libra people can have good logic and reasoning qualities. They both have needs to find the truth which can make them stay together. Libra people have social nature while Taurus people like travelling. They both can find each other romantic but to enjoy it they will have to work on their common grounds. Patience will play big part in this relationship.

Taurus and Scorpio:

Taurus and Scorpio can have problem in initial stage of their life but as they make progress it becomes very easy and peaceful. Taurus people can’t take any pressure and they tend to rebel while Scorpio people like controlling and dominating. Taurus people can show rigidity to accept Scorpio. As they develop good understanding, Taurus people can find out the intellectual and protecting nature of Scorpio. Scorpio can become les controlling with support from Taurus. Taurus people are attracted to secretive nature of Scorpio while Scorpio likes the kind nature of Taurus. They both can earn lot of money and can also enjoy it. Both of them just need to avoid occasional arguments.

Taurus and Sagittarius:

Taurus and Sagittarius both have very different natures which can be reason to worry here. Sagittarius people like outgoing and making new friends while Taurus people like traveling but they have selective friends. Taurus people are dedicated to their work and personal goals while Sagittarius people are impulsive, reckless and moody in nature. Taurus and Sagittarius can have good time together as friends or in short time relationship as they both like adventure. Taurus people are stubborn while Sagittarius people are brutally honest which creates communication gap for them.

Taurus and Capricorn:

Taurus and Capricorn both can have stable and long lasting relationship as they both are traditional, responsible and loyal individuals. Taurus people get inspired by the goal seeking nature of Capricorn people and support them to win in their goals. Capricorn people would always cherish such kind behavior from their partner. They both take their relationship slowly and then become whole and sole for their family. They both carve for closeness which is liked by both of them. Together they will help each other achieving their personal and professional goals as well. They both need to loosen up little and enjoy their life freely.

Taurus and Aquarius:

Taurus and Aquarius both can meet intellectually but not emotionally. Aquarius people need mental stimulation from Taurus but Taurus can’t always keep talking with Aquarius people they have their own work to do. Aquarius people want someone to listen to them thus they go out in search of good listener. As they have good social skills they are always surrounded by lot of people. Aquarius people may not commit in relationship. This can make Taurus people possessive about them and it can also lead to arguments. Aquarius people are detached and dreamy while Taurus people are practical and responsible. Aquarius people can show helpful and caring nature for other but fail to show the same to Taurus. Taurus people can become angry if proper response is not received from their partner. They need to give each other sometime to understand their needs.

Taurus and Pisces:

Taurus and Pisces can have harmonious relationship as Taurus people show caring and responsible nature while Pisces people have friendly, polite and sensitive nature. Taurus people find very lovely and supportive partner in the form of Pisces while Pisces who has little dreamy nature can find stable partner in Taurus. Pisces people have tendency to nag and rely totally on their partner for taking any decision. They can also show high optimism to Taurus people. Their romantic life will not be dull as both show equal love to each other. Pisces people generally show submissive nature but they can rebel if Taurus tries to empower them.


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