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Taurus and Cancer are found to be similar in many ways and as a result they can hit easily with each other and turn out to be great friends. Both Cancer and Taurus have qualities of calmness, patience and loyalty as a result it helps them to know each other as well as understand each other very fast. Both these signs work hard for comfort, luxury and security and it is because of this that they share joyful and understanding friendship. They both love comfort, luxurious things and rich lifestyle, good food, expensive clothes and loyal friendship. As far as thinking is concerned they both are on the same page, so there are very less chances that a clash of opinion or any misunderstandings may occur between both of them. But it is found that Taurus are more egoistic than Cancer and sometimes this could lead to one of them being hurt due to the egoistic and aggressive nature of Taurus while Taurus could also get hurt by Cancer’s non-possessive and chilled out attitude towards friendship. Even though these signs are quite apart but it is the few similar qualities that help them to achieve a great bond of chemistry in their friendship. As a matter of the fact, Taurus is a sun sign ruled by planet Venus while cancer is ruled by moon and it is because of this, these two sun signs compliment quite well with each other. While Taurus may show his emotions quite frankly, quickly and honestly, Cancer may keep their emotions hidden to themselves. This is the only difference which could arise some tension and misunderstandings in a rather smooth flowing and interesting friendship. Patience, trust and understanding are the most important factors in their friendship to prosper and make it a long lasting friendship.



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