These are two sun signs which are highly dynamic in nature, so the chances are even their friendship could turn out to be as dynamic and interesting. While Taurus are calm and composed people, Gemini are mysterious people who mind their own business. As a result these two together can make great friends as one them is calm while other also minds his own business. Even though this is the combination of friendship which needs time for development but once it develops it turns out to be a healthy and exciting bond of friendship. As a matter of the fact, Taurus is an earth sign while Gemini is an air sign and as a result misunderstandings can crop up if Gemini finds Taurus to be too dominating and rude while Taurus finds Gemini to be too secretive and selfish in nature. Taurus can be too plain and boring for Gemini while Gemini could be too strange and different for Taurus. But as long as Taurus does not take Gemini’s a chilled and unemotional nature personally and realizes that friendship is important for both of them, everything works smoothly while Gemini can use their adaptable or flexible nature to achieve to the wishes of the Taurus. These two sun signs view and live life in different ways. While Taurus are calm and composed with a more practical mind, Gemini are more academic and intellectual and sometimes as a result Gemini may not like the plain and simple attitude of Taurus appealing or exciting enough as a friend while Taurus may try to make Gemini more involved in life and live with a wider perspective rather than only academic intelligence. However the most interesting element of the friendship between a Taurus and Gemini is the stability and trust they provide to each other.



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