Every people have different habits and choices. While some like spicy food, some would prefer sweet. While some would prefer a fine dine, some would prefer an adventurous trip. Every person is different from each other with varied inclinations. The same applies to the drinking habits of people with different sun signs.


To start with, Aries people are outgoing, bold and confident. They like to party but at the same time they also prefer a calm environment with a buddy or their girlfriend. While socializing these people will booze down on vodkas and beer while on a date or just chilling with their best buddy, they would go for a few pegs of whisky. These people can go crazy in a party and drink till they die! They are the type of people who drink so much in a party that they have hangover for the next few days.


Taurus people are serious and composed. They are not the party animals like a Leo, Aries or a Libra. So most probably they will have a few drinks of scotch or a whisky in a calm environment with their fixed people.


Gemini people are very good at conversations and they are also great social animals. Beer should be their ideal drink as they believe in having conversations and drinks together. They also love partying, hence Vodka is also their second favorite. These party people also like to have tequila shots. They are even more crazier than Aries when it comes to drinking. If the mood is right, people are all set and there is perfect setup for a crazy party, no one can stop Gemini’s from drinking too much!


Cancerians are sensitive and reserved. They like to have their drinks only with the people they are close to. They will be cool with a red wine or a little peg of premium whisky. They would also occasionally go for cocktails. They are not heavy drinkers who have a hangover the next day. They would just have it in limits.


Leo people are the heart of any party. No party is enjoyable or complete without a Leo guy or a girl. They are social, they attract a lot of attention and they party hard. Basically these people can settle for anything. Vodka and tequila shots are their favorite followed by beers with their buddies. They rarely go for whiskies.


Virgo people are a right mix of socializing as well as reserved personalities. They are balanced. While they would like to attend parties and have fun but occasionally they would also appreciate a drink with their close buddies or partners. Malt beers or just plain beers are their favorite but they can even go for scotch and whiskies if the situation demands and the mood is correct. They drink in moderation unlike an Aries, Leo or Gemini people who drink and party like crazy.

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After Gemini and Leo, if there is someone who parties hard, they are Libra people. They just love mixing with people, dancing, talking and creating a good environment. Dark beers, German beers, in fact any sort of beers is their favorite. They hardly have serious drinks like whiskies and scotch as it is not their types. They have a large group of friends and they also make new friends instantly. Beer is their favorite drink. They can take down 8-10 bottles and you won’t even come to know that they are high. They hardly go for whiskies or scotch because they are hardly in such an environment.  Beer is the drink for socializing and chilling while whiskies and scotch are for reserved places and people, hence it is obvious why beer suits them the most.


Scorpions are intense people. For them everything they do is serious and this applies to their drinking habits too. Yes they do like to occasionally parties and have some vodkas and beers but in reality these people are made for whiskies. It does not only suit them but it is also their favorite drink. They would prefer a calm environment with their partner most of the times rather than partying all the time with their friends.  Hence beer and vodka shots are not their types. They are not like Librans or Gemini’s or even Leo’s. They would prefer a small peg of scotch or a whisky with their favorite buddies or partners and relax.


Sagittarius people are bubbly and a perfect mix of introvert and extrovert personalities. They would sometimes like to party hard with their buddies taking down shots of vodka and rum while sometimes they would prefer a calm & relaxing environment and go for a pint of beer or a peg of whisky.


Capricorn people are very energetic and independent personalities. Their mood varies a lot. They are one of the best people to party with and also one of the best to sit for hours chatting with. While when they party they party hard, and there is no specific favorite for them. Though vodka suits their personality, they can also opt for beers occasionally.


Aquarius people are extremely friendly and likeable. They are quirky and unconventional individuals. Their choice of drinks would also be quite different from others. They would never settle down for beers or vodkas. They would often try out different cocktails and mocktails. Mojito , cosmopolitan, martini’s and margarita’s are their all time favorites!


Pisces people are made for deep and fulfilling relationships. They love to conversate, it is also because of their amazing ability to understand other people’s moods. Scotch or blended whiskies goes well with these people. They are also not the type of people who would party hard till they die. They drink in moderation.

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